Indiana Giant!

Let's face it, monster bucks often live in the shadows and just under the radar of most hunters. However, every once in a while someone crosses paths with one of these magnificent giants that make jaws drop and pulses skip a beat. This is exactly what happened to Eric Hinderliter during a gun hunt in southern Indiana with his wife Brita. Eric has always enjoyed spending time in the woods with his spouse, but he has taken a lot of heat over the years from his hunting buddies when she has tagged bigger bucks and longbeards than him. Consequently, Eric desperately needed a payback buck to stick in the faces of all his friends.
On a cool November morning, Brita spotted a doe walking in from the opposite direction and she immediately called her husband to warn him. She could tell the doe was acting funny and it crossed her mind that a buck might be close behind. Suddenly, a large-bodied deer quickly closed the distance with its head to the ground. Eric's wife couldn't see just how big the approaching buck's rack was, but she knew it was definitely a shooter. Brita squeezed the trigger and a loud boom broke the mid-morning silence.
However, it was a clean miss and the giant buck ran straight past her husband who was ready for a quick follow up shot. Eric made his shot count and the massive 29-point buck broke into a death run that ended in a nearby thicket.
The husband and wife about fainted when they approached the downed buck that basically looked like a rocking chair had been attached to its head. Without question, Eric had dropped a whitetail of a lifetime and it's going to be pretty hard for his hunting buddies to tease him about his wife's accomplishments in the woods anymore. I think Eric needs to mail each one of his hunting pals a picture of this bruiser inside of their Christmas cards this year! Congratulations Eric on one outstanding buck.

A husband-and-wife team score big on a Hoosier trophy non-typical.