Junkyard Buck

Merry Christmas to all you BBZ'ers... I don't know what it is about a top-heavy buck with drop tines, but a pair of long massive points draping toward the ground is enough to kick my heart rate into overdrive. Unfortunately, my only encounters with a drop-tined monster have been on the pages of magazines and a re-occurring dream that haunts me throughout deer season. With that being said, I can only imagine what it would feel like to come face to face with a thick racked giant that is toting around not one, but a total of four different drop tines. However, bowhunter Jerry Macintosh ran into such a buck in southeastern Ohio.
Just after daylight, Macintosh spotted a small basket-racked buck within a few yards of his treestand. Immediately, he broke out his grunt tube and began playing around with the young buck, but all of the commotion caught the attention of a monster. Without warning, a deep throated grunt echoed across the creek bottom causing Macintosh and the young buck to take full notice.
All at once, a buck with intimidating headgear and multiple drop tines busted out of the thick cover and strutted right into a cleared shooting lane. Macintosh quickly came to full draw and steadied his pin on the kill zone of the biggest whitetail he had ever encountered. The sweet sound of a heavy thud broke the intense morning silence and the deer ran out of sight.
A few hours later, Macintosh walked up to a buck that most hunters only dream about. This phenomenal top-heavy bruiser had four drop tines and a total of 22 scorable points. Shockingly, several experts in the area believe the 190 inch buck had not even reached four years of age yet. Can you imagine what this stud would have looked like after a few more years of growth?
On the other hand, I don't know of any hunters that would have let this bad boy walk past their stand! Congratulations Jerry on one heck of a buck. All the best for the holidays and have a Happy New Year!--Travis Faulkner, BBZ

Here's a quadruple drop-tine giant with more junk on his head than a used car dealership.