Non-Typical World Record?

As we first told you about a few weeks ago on the Big Buck Zone, Nebraska's longstanding non-typical state record may be about to be unseated. According to reports I've been able to dig up on the Internet and from the Omaha World Herald, a 24-year-old hunter by the name of Wesley O'Brien shot a giant non-typical in Nebraska that could top the famous Del Austin buck.
Austin's buck (pictured here) scores an incredible 279 7/8 points and also stood as the world record archery non-typical until just recently when the 294 0/8 Beatty buck beat it in 2000. Austin arrowed the big Nebraska buck in 1962 in Hall County.
Initial reports on the O'Brien buck have varied, but the latest score I was able to obtain was 292 gross points and 281 net. It's also reported that the buck has 38 scoreable points. Of course these are green scores and will have to be verified by an official Boone and Crockett scorer after the 60-day drying period, but one look at the photos and you can see that regardless of the score, it is a GIANT!
This buck proves that opening day can be the best day to get the jump on a giant buck. According to reports, O'Brien, a resident of Texas, was hunting in Richardson County in southeast Nebraska with friends when they spotted the buck. There was less than 30 minutes of shooting light left as they spied the buck with two does along a wooded edge. The buck was 250 yards away and with shooting light fading O'Brien decided to take a shot. His .270 Weatherby Magnum was dead-on and the buck fell within 30 yards after the hit. O'Brien admitted that luck played a large role in his trophy, plus the help of good friends. Another major factor is that the area O'Brien was hunting is near where the Platte River and Missouri River join. Riparian terrain features combined with Nebraska's world-class agriculture all combined to give this buck everything it needed to reach the status of a trophy. Congratulations to this young hunter are in order!
Here's Mike Beatty's 294 0/8 non-typical archery record.
Beatty (right) with his mounted world record.

We first told you about this great buck a few weeks ago. Now the story can be told.