One shot from my .30-06 dropped this monster where he stood. He scored 249.8 S.C.I points and weighed 286 pounds. I've never seen anything like him in the woods and let him walk by me twice. By the third time I finally came to my senses and sealed the deal.--Rich Van Dyke.
This huge 13-pointer was taken during the first shotgun season in Illinois by reader ajhawk81. It should score close to 180.
After sitting the first day and only seeing one doe, the second day of Illinois deer season started off right with 5 does at daylight. About 9, I saw this buck in the distance and then again an hour later. The third time I saw him was at 40 yards. The picture tells the rest of the story!–messig
I was walking out from my stand on November 20 at about 10:40 am. I spotted a doe and eased over to a nearby tree when I got to it I noticed this guy in the broom straw. My biggest buck to date and pretty good buck for Virginia!
After scouting “Wally” earlier in the summer, we returned during the rut to find him pushing does everywhere. After locating him with the spotting scope we put a perfect stalk on him. Sneaking up to 60 yards while he was bedded with his does made the shot easy. ol’ Wally scored 198 2/8.–cstrachan
This was my second deer. I got it while standing in the same exact spot as my first deer. (on my lucky rock) I was also lucky enough to be with the old man again this year. Making memories…thats what its all about!–doncunniff
This beautiful boy is a 10-point buck, field dressed at 150 pounds, with an 18-inch spread–my biggest buck yet. I took him off of Hillsgrove, PA with my .270–mikegelnett
It’s a 200 pound, 12-point buck–markg
My father and I have been after this buck in Kansas for the past few years. I have only seen him one other time. Finally, opening day of Kansas rifle season, everything fell into place. This brute stepped out at 130 yards and a double lung shot put him down. He was aged at 6 1/2 years and has not yet been scored. This truly is a buck of a lifetime, and I couldn’t have done it without my dad.–jwildcats
Ten point buck 220lbs. Green score 167.–Scott Kaiser, Minnesota
Was blessed to get drawn with only 2 bonus points. I Do not know the exact score but it is over 36″ wide.–mattmclearn
Shot this 8 point on November 15, 2009 at 8:40 a.m. After passing on a couple of smaller bucks I was happy as ever to take a shot at this guy. A 35-yard shot by my 870 and a hundred yard dash later I found him on the edge of a swamp.–MWKMN
My husband and son went up north hunting to try and get the big one. My daugther and I stayed home in NC. I went hunting with some of our friends on November 28, 2009. To my surprise, I got the biggest deer I’d have ever seen. Needless to say my husband was so proud. This will be our first mount in the house.–dougandlisa
One shot from my .30-06 dropped this monster where he stood. He scored 249.8 S.C.I points and weighed 286 pounds. I’ve never seen anything like him in the woods and let him walk by me twice. By the third time I finally came to my senses and sealed the deal.–Rich Van Dyke
This was a last day archery buck from Pennsylvania. The arrow went perfectly through the heart.–MarkBeitler
My name is Nathan Lahr and I got to come home from OEF X for first shotgun season in Iowa. On the right is Justin Schaben, and he spotted the deer in a wooded creek in the center of a cornfield. I made it to the top of the creek while he stood at the bottom. The buck broke out on the top and ran down toward Justin, I fired once and he fired twice. Later I made the kill shot on this monster.
I was able to harvest this deer in west central Kansas last week. I have several beautiful deer in the 30-inch range, but this one is something special. He is 34 inches wide and has a lot of points and mass. It was a tough, exciting, stalk and a thrill to be able to get him. I hunted him for two years. I am waiting to have him scored and mounted.–Dexter Leach
This is my first whitetail deer. It is a 13-pointer, 200+ lbs, opening day at about 9:30. My family’s been hunting at our cabin for 23 years and the biggest anyone got was an 8 pointer and on my third year out i got this. I used a 30-30 Marlin. It was a 70 yard shot and it droped staright down didn’t even flinch: 1 shot 1 kill–tell me what you think–abfreddie64
My dad, Jimmy, killed this buck while hunting in Chatham, VA. Deer was killed on Thanksgiving Day, 2009.–johnnied222
First deer for my cousin–Norton, Kansas 12/02/09–mulley50000
This buck is something else. Green scores 177 and has a 21.25 inch spread. He killed this buck 4 days after harvesting a nice 147 kansas 9 point.–mulley50000
Best hunt of my life. May not have killed a monster myself but saw a couple, it just wasn’t my time. Congrats Jeff Scott & Brice.–mulley50000

Big bucks, great racks, great hunts–Outdoor Life readers hit the Bragging Board with some of this season’s best bucks.