Houston? Nevermind

In the woods the camo on this Jeep helps it blend in to the surroundings. On the highway, not so much.
This booth had literally everything in the way of safari home decor. Really, see, there's the kitchen sink right there.
Oh, that gun safe. Sorry. Guess I kind of blanked out there for a moment.
No for real lady. There's a big cat right behind you.
Murry Customer Leather makes rifle slings. They do not make whips, cuffs, or executioner masks. And you probably shouldn't ask him about those things. Trust me.
This lady speaks French. And she does something with hunting. I'm not really sure what. Did I mention she speaks French?
While these raffle girls are beautiful most attendees were more impressed with these massive tusks.
This is Dirty Ernie the baboon. And, yes, his owner's about what you would think.
Ahhh, breakfast has arrived (yes, outdoor writers really do start drinking that early).
The guy on the left is outdoor writer and owner of Global Adventure Outfitters Greg Rodriguez. He hunts probably ten times as often as I do and gets three times as many writing assignments.
The .500 (on the bottom) will stop and elephant. The .700 will stop a school bus.
Melcom Van Staden of Limcroma Safaris trying to lure me in his booth.
I didn't go in this both.
The sable is the most beautiful antelope in the world. It's the name of her company. Look behind her.
Although widely regarded as Mr. Whitetail, Larry Weishuhn assures me no one actually calls him that.
This novelty taxidermy piece replaced the "kola bear doing tequila shots" piece after many complaints.
Somewhere in Africa there's a peg-legged elephant. I hear he also has a patch over one eye and a funny parrot on his shoulder.
This woman is from Namibia. It says so right behind her.
I drunk your thinker than you realize.
Jamming a Q-Tip into your ear will not remove a Smurf. It will just squish him and leave a big blue smear hanging out of your lobe.
They just grow up so fast. It seems like just yesterday they were playing with Barbies and here they are packing serious heat.
This AR-15 Koyote from MG Arms comes in handy in some of your rougher Houston neighborhoods.
Man Guns and Roses was not even there.
Rachel from Atascosa Wildlife Supply smiles despite the fact that her puppet show was just canceled.

Gayne Young hits the floor at the Houston Safari Club convention and what he finds is anything but conventional.