This gal was selling blouses or something I think. I kind of forgot how to take notes when I spoke with her.
These lovely ladies are promoting.selling.uh.representing. Hell, I can’t remember what they were doing or who that guy in the middle is.
Russell Moccasin representative Richard Sanders expected to coddle over 150 pairs of feet over the weekend while measuring for custom boots. He swears that rigorous hand washing and heavy doses of vitamin C and Dewars keep him from getting ill.
Shopper Joel O’Shoney can’t believe the price on this custom made Westly Richards .500 double. Hint it costs more than a new Tahoe.
Well what if you shoot at deaf coyotes? Then a suppressor doesn’t really matter does it? John’s Guns can affix a suppressor to almost any rifle.
Despite being named after the famed abominable snowman, Yeti Coolers does not make a 
cooler large enough to hold one. As employee Ryan Seiders explained, “Our largest model 
is the 250 quart. It’s 55 inches long. If you got a Yeti I guess you’d have to quarter him n’ throw him in more than one cooler.”
The custom made .475 Turnbull shoots a 400 grain bullet at 2,000 feet per second. Despite costing five figures, the hat is not included.
Famed TV host Colorado Buck (right) and I did not plan to dress alike. We both however enjoy watching tear jerker movies and sunsets.
Apparently in Africa the rats have horns.
She Safari sells…well, I can’t remember. She’s leaning against that fixture. Maybe yoga?
I met these two gals after a few beers….what? I don’t understand…what the heck’s kilt? Wait a minute-you’re dudes!
Let me clarify–Oak Creek Ranch in Missouri sells deer hunts for the entire deer.
This woman was one of hundreds that came away from the Jonas Brother’s Taxidermy booth very confused and upset.
Before being shot and mounted this deer hand no friends. Sometimes being different sucks.
This is the Artemis by Ranch Rigs. It is the premier hunting vehicle. The owner was very, very upset when I inquired about rim options. Ok, actually he was pretty mad. Ok, I got beaten.
These guns are pink.
Despite being state of the art, fire proof, and theft resistant I know for a fact that burglars would laugh at this gun safe from Rolland.
Not only will this hawk hunt for you but it can also earn you money doing piercings on the weekend. His talons are sharp!
This is a rhino. That’s it…I got nothing else.
Model and hunter Brittany Boddington on the left, the late Peter Capstick’s widow Fiona on the right. Guess which one I sauntered up to tell about my writing exploits?
This guy was not interested in hunting.
Visitors are greeted by five lions. The number of cats doesn’t symbolize anything. That’s just all that area had room for.
Donna and Craig Boddington are all smiles at Craig’s having been presented with the coveted J.J. Malek Gold Award; a trophy so large that most states require it to wear a seatbelt when carried in a moving vehicle.
Insert Bullwinkle joke here.
Insert Bullwinkle joke here.
I was too scared to ask the artist that made this what it was or represented.
Attendee Joel O’Shoney plans a safari with Limcroma Safari’s owner Hannes Els. Yes, that Miller Lite in Joel’s hand–and the several before it–had a lot to do with his purchase.
Yes, this monkey is anatomically correct.
The Titan Scout is an electric powered all terrain vehicle suitable for almost any hunting environment…oh, never mind.
Some things on the convention floor just can’t be explained.
This gal was selling blouses or something I think. I kind of forgot how to take notes when I spoke with her.
Never underestimate the selling power of blonde hair and a smile. Attendee Will Crowe did and now here he is buying a safari from Kikuyu Lodge.
This baboon mount is…well…creepy.
Strong Case owner Thomas Bouthillier demonstrates the best way to get an annoying Outdoor Life bloger out of your booth.

To many, the Dallas Safari Club is the hottest show of the show season. Take a look at the happenings from the show floor.