Snow Machines

If you've never heard of the term "crowd-sourcing" a small upstart company called Local Motors expects to change that. With open-to-all competitions, Local Motors asks automobile enthusiasts to upload designs for vehicles and then hosts a vote for a winner. Once a winner is chosen, the company sets out to build some of the vehicles. Pretty cool concept and following are some of the designs entered in their Alaska Motors competition. Next up, is a sketch competition for an all-purpose Texas hunting vehicle. The winning sketch gets $1,500. The truck should be easy to transform from a deer hunting vehicle with a deer blind on the roof, to an open-air bird hunting vehicle. At the same time, it should be an easy to take care of, light utility vehicle, that with the simple addition or subtraction of different modules, could match the changing needs of the hunter on the fly. The competition is open now through February 9. Outdoor Life will show you all the entries and you can help vote for the winner. To learn how to enter a sketch of your own, go to:
AlaskaMotors by metal_meltdown
AlaskaR by Lude
Arctic Fox by Miepangsit
Arctic Shell by Firebird
AroD by Miss_S
BANSHEE by piero
Bear HunteR by Boris5unTan
BStrong by ottomatik
Esquimaux by Javi71
Exoskeleton by Geness
FIRECAT by neo
Frozen Racer by Nacho
Go by Nezoooo206
Ice Breaker by petri19
ice cube by c.babiez
ITyre by Pspiek
LMA13 by Ferrag
LM Harrier by matusko
LM Mammoth by Luci_ued
LEMI by Miikah
MantaR by NyAiko
Morphex by Julian
Nivis Tank by cavesdesign
Number 17 by crazydesign66 Want more Alaskan Trail Blazing? Click here for the second gallery!

Buried in snow? We bet one of these bad boys can get you out.