Deer Hunting photo
The buck on the trail camera photo is one that dreams are made of. Sure, there was lots of “junk” sprouting from its main beams, but it was the buck’s antler mass that drew gasps. It was more than Primos Hunting Calls videographer and producer Chris Ashley could stand. “Jered (Koger), who runs the Hashknife Ranch in Kansas (, told me that he had a couple of 170s on his trail camera where I was supposed to hunt,” says Ashley. “But he had photos of this buck, too, and they had him four days in a row.”
It was 25 degrees with a 30 mph wind and Ashley couldn’t wait to get into the woods. “We were hunting an open draw leading to a wheat field,” he said. “Scott Landers was with me to video the hunt and we wanted to get into the blind early. At 12:30 we were set up in our Double Bull.”
The pair didn’t have to wait long. “At 1:50 we saw him,” says Ashley. “He came in with four does and when he got into range, I came to full draw–I was at full draw for a long time.” Unfortunately, a tree stood between the buck and the cameraman’s lens. “I asked Scott if he was on him, but the tree blocked him” Jubilation changed to exasperation in a moment. “We’ll never see a buck like that again,” said a nearly despondent Ashley.
“But I no sooner got the words out of my mouth–and he was back!” says Ashley. “It happened that quick.”
Somehow, Ashley managed to get his Mathews Monster to full draw on the giant buck for a second time. This time there was no limb in the way and Ashley released.
The Rage 2-blade did its work quickly. The buck ran about 100 yards into a plum thicket and the pair watched him tip. “We waited about 30 minutes before we followed up the shot,” he said.
“When we got to him, we could hardly believe it,” he added. “We knew he was in there and guessed him in the 170s or 180. We had no idea that he was that big.”
With 52 inches of mass, Ashley’s huge Kansas giant taped out at 217 5/8–the biggest buck the Primos pro-staff team has ever taken!
“He’s got 20 scoreable points, 9-inch brow tines and an 18-inch spread,” says Ashley. “He weighed about 215 but he was pretty well rutted down. He’s a great buck.”
Of course, Chris Ashley’s giant buck will be featured on The Truth television series and we’ll be sure to give you the head’s up when it airs. Congratulations to Chris Ashley and the entire Primos team.