Real of Fake II

We opened the Outdoor Life e-mail box to find some of the most fascinating photos ever. But are they real … Continued

The note with this e-mail says it’s a big griz on an elk carcass in Montana. Seems too good for a trail camera photo though.
Ever see a sow black bear with 5 cubs? Some claimed it was a phony photo, but Tom Sears is the photographer behind this remarkable shot.
Timberrrrrrrrrrr–crunch. Think we’ll throw the penalty flag on this pic. Seems a bit contrived.
This shot has been making the viral e-mail rounds for a couple of years. Apparently Europeans have their own version of Hogzilla, but this Boarzilla seems just too huge to be true.
The original note with this photo claims that these mountain lions were caught on film somewhere in New Jersey. The location of the photo is highly doubtful as is the fact that these are wild cats.
The caption with this e-mails says simply: “Dead Deer Walking.” Though it’s one of those ‘too good to be true’ trailcam shots, CSI would have to clear up the mystery behind this one.
Sad but likely true.
Although the location given with this photo says it was snapped in Florida, it seems unlikely. Cool shot even if it’s not legit.
The jury still out on the authenticity of this photo–though its message is sure clear.
Now THAT is a waterfowl blind!
This one is disgustingly real. That’s a deep-sea arthopod and one of the biggest ever found.
That’s Eric Arnette with his Kamchatka bull moose record
Certainly an odd way for a moose to meet its fate, but who would bother to fake this photo?
Said to be part of Saddam Hussein’s gun collection confiscated by US troops in Iraq.
Fibromas are fairly common on deer although not to this extent–ugh.
Many were quick to yell “photoshopped” when they saw this photo simply because this wolf seemed too big. Although pinning down the location of the kill is tough, the size of this animal is not out of the realm of possibility at all. Check out these huge wolves.

We opened the Outdoor Life e-mail box to find some of the most fascinating photos ever. But are they real or photoshopped?