Snow Toms

With 4 turkeys checked on the first day of the season, optimism was soaring on the morning of Day 2. Although the forecast seemed foreboding, the rain somehow held off long for the morning.
Streb made short work of this thick-bearded, three-year-old that came waltzing in with another big gobbler.
Quaker Boy's vice president of sales and marketing Dave Streb hefts his big tom.
Streb's gobbler on his way for a ride in the truck.
Successful Day 2 hunters included (from left) John Kelley, Tony Williams, myself and Dave Streb.
My two birds--one was 21.5 and the other was 19......Guess I found the two dumbest gobblers in the area.
The temperature dropped and the snow flew on Wednesday morning--probably the worst spring turkey hunting anyone could imagine. Fortunate to have roosted two birds under less than ideal conditions the evening before, Mark Wenke and Marty Cormier put the screws to two nice adult gobblers.
Cormier (left) and Wenke with their two 'miserable-morning' toms.
On a morning when most other hunters didn't bother to weather the conditions, Wenke and Cormier used persistence--and long underwear--to take these toms.
Henned up birds? Lock-beaked gobblers? The key to this season anywhere in the Northeast is to find gobblers that will play--that is, birds without hens. Work long enough and hard enough and you'll find one. Click here to catch the action from Day 1 of the season.

From blackflies to snowflakes and back to blackflies again...New England turkey season kicks off with a bang!