Sasha, his dogs, and a few jaguar skins. Keep in mind that it was about 114 degrees when he posed for this pic. That alone makes him and his dogs tough!
Sasha and an anaconda. Admit it: how many of you would run screaming like a little girl if you saw a snake this big?
Last time I rode a horse it was at a carnival. Here Sasha rides forth with his trusty spear hoping to take a jaguar.
“I no want to buy Amway.” “No, no. I’m not here to sell you anything. I want to kill a jaguar with a spear. Have you seen any big cats?” “Selling Amway be safer.”
“Maybe he was right. Amway might be the way to go.”
Even Sasha’s horse was tough. Try throwing a dead 200 pound jaguar on the next horse you encounter and see how well he takes it.
Sasha’s wife manhandling an anteater.
One of Sasha’s jungle homes. It’s got no electricity, no cable, no indoor plumbing, and skeeters the size of house cats.
I mean seriously. Sasha faced cats like this down with a spear. How tough was this guy?
Sasha’s prey in a more relaxed setting.
What does Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai have to do with Sasha Siemel? Nothing. Nothing at all.
“Let me think. What should I do today? Clean the gutters or go face a man eating jaguar with a spear? Tough decision. Tough decision.”
This camp is absolutely scrumptious!Who’s your decorator Sasha?
Sasha and the wife enjoying the home life.
Sasha with a huge tigre!
Am I the only one that wonders how Sasha’s wife keeps her hair so nice in such a humid jungle?
The cover art from one of Sasha’s many books.
Sasha looks pretty calm for a guy about to have 200 pounds of cat land on his butt!
Coming to a theater near you! Sasha Siemel and Frank “Bring ’em Back Alive” Buck!
This should be the poster for AARP!

So many Outdoor Life readers agreed that they were wimps compared to Sasha Siemel I decided to post a few pics to make us all question our manhood (or womanhood).