Spring Bears Day 2

Day 2 of my Alberta black bear hunt proves to be one of close calls and challenges as storms make … Continued

With long hours to kill during the day before we hunt, Under Armour’s Jason Hart spends Day Two at Red Willow Outfitters replacing some faulty fletching on his arrows.
After fletching his arrows, it’s time to make sure they are flying true. He’ll head out to hunt soon and will have a seriously close encounter with several black bears.
Outfitter Todd Loewen and writer Curt Wells try to cover some pipelines in search of bears. A sudden afternoon storm drenched the area making some roads passable only by ATV.
Yesterday wore my butt out covering miles of pipeline on ATV. Hope Todd won’t be mad that I snatched this cushion from the couch in the lodge. Haha.
Guide Mike Rogers navigates some deep water across a trail made worse by a combination of the recent storm, snow runoff and some pesky beavers hard at work.
The beavers at work…or actually fleeing my presence to tell the truth. They’re safe though. You have to have a license to trap these destructive little creatures.
With miles and miles of thick forests, spot-and-stalk takes on a whole different meaning. To cover ground between pipelines and rare clearings, ATVs are a must. A walking hunter would never be able to cover the territory necessary to find the right bear unless he was very lucky. Of course, we could use some luck right about now.
My guide and I came across this fresh bear track along a stretch of road where we saw three bears the day before. It’s a nice track with impressive claws. Just a half hour before, we put a stalk on a nice black bear getting to within 60 yards of it before determining it was actually not quite big enough.
The decision is made to walk and glass a few pipelines and sit tight along the two-track where we saw the bears the day before. We’re hoping a bigger one shows up before dark. A distant moose got me jazzed up when it first stepped out among the brush. At first I thought it was a bear. Would’ve been one big bear! Thank goodness for binoculars.
While on the trail to locate a black bear, Kevin Howard and Curt Wells came across the grizzly track. The bears are rarely seen, but do inhabit the area.
Talk about muddied up. Kevin Howard of Howard Communications shows off his rifle after an evening of riding an ATV in search of bears. Mud caked the entire gun forcing him to wash it and clean it down before turning it at 1:30 a.m.
Jason Hart had several bears show up at his bait site. Several took a particular interest in the hunter.
This bruin and others repeatedly attempted to climb Hart’s stand, forcing him to swat them away with an arrow and other objects in order to get them to leave. When one bear persisted, Hart finally shot it with his bow. The animal ran off. The hunter and his guide tracked the bear that evening but it crossed a wide creek causing them to loose a wide blood trail. The search will resume at the creek.
Under a full moon, the hunters returned to camp and had dinner close to 1 a.m. The days are late in bear camp. It’s going to be a night of wondering for Hart, who is eager for the morning to come so he can find his bear. Click HERE to see Day 1 of Doug’s Alberta spring bear hunt.

Day 2 of my Alberta black bear hunt proves to be one of close calls and challenges as storms make some roads nearly impassable and the bears change up their patterns.