50 Biggest Braggin' Board Trophies

Posted by: ctdowd
2. A 15-pound redfish Posted by: dfield
3. This 6X6 elk was shot on public land at 30 yards. Posted by: jmc001
4. After a day of chukar hunting, Brett Richardson writes: "Sue (his dog I presume) and I had one of those rare amazing days when we actually limited out on these evil little critters" Posted by: Brett Richardson
5. Luke Bunde enjoyed his second year of opening day success harvesting this 25-pound Minnesota bird. Posted by: DJBunde
6. This monster buck was shot with about three minutes left of light during the youth hunting season. The deer scored 192 7/8.
7. "After two weekends of getting skunked I called in these three birds with my father and he shot all three," says Wallace Pitts.
8. This 34-inch walleye was caught out of the Columbia River. Posted by: davebender
9. A successful Wyoming antelope hunt Posted by: hamm1975
10. This snapper was caught off of South Padre Island, Texas. Posted by: margl24
11. "I was hunting in Kansas when this six-point came out to feed with some other bucks. He was the biggest six I had ever seen," says Kevin Johnson.
Posted by: miller0325
13. This bull was shot during the 2009 muzzeloader season on public land in Colorado. Posted by: buffalomike
14. An opening morning trophy. Posted by: brushdustyeas
15. Patrick Apice took this 34-inch striper from the Delaware River. Posted by: ja8725
16. This buck was shot in -15 degree weather. Posted by: gmashack
Posted by: killadeaux
18. A 10-pound steelhead caught on the Descutes River in Oregon. Posted by: Visitor
19. A monster bull elk taken from Ruidoso, New Mexico. Posted by: obrienjl
20. Jacob's first pheasant hunt in Osborne county Kansas. Posted by: rwilliams
21. Sam Elwell lands a monster dolphin. Posted by: selwell
22. This Kansas buck was dropped with one shot at 130 yards. Posted by: jwildcats
23. Bryan landed this 26-inch brown trout on the New River. Posted by: Fishgirl09
24. A successful Canada goose hunt. Posted by: grmustangs
25. This bass was caught in six inches of water from a kayak. Posted by: bobby072
26. Sixteen-year-old Tyler killed this 22-point buck in Platte county Missouri. Posted by: scottlamb.
27. Chase Simmons arrowed this record 61-pound cownose stingray. Posted by: hawgnsons.com
28. Kevin Jackson let some smaller bucks walk before shooting this 222 4/8-inch muley. Posted by: Kevin Jackson
Posted by: tsteichen
30. After 30 days of hunting, Lee Ricks of Helena, Montana shot this massive bull. Posted by: jonricks
31. This 52-inch muskie was caught June 6, 2010. Posted by: jasondenise
32. Jared, Doug and Jim. All shot within a mile of each other taking these three nice bucks on public walk-in land in South Dakota.
Posted by: sgstang
Posted by: Point Lake N.W.T.
Posted by: love2hunt
37. Uriah Wurst and Lance Benson cleaned up the coyotes on the eastern plains of Colorado. Posted by: uwurst
38. This bruin was treed by hounds and then dropped from a tree at 23 yards with a bow. Posted by: tblackann
39. Ken Marble with two handfuls of Michigan walleyes. Posted by: crosbychief
40. A 30-pound lake trout caught in Canada's Northwest Territories. Posted by: Point Lake N.W.T.
41. "When we got to the lion it had one dog on the ground and was swatting others. We shot it 16 times from point blank ... it finally let go of the dogs," Joe says. Posted by: ironjoe
42. "I went to Iztapa, Guatemala with my dad for three days. He ditched the boys trip to take me instead ... It was an unbelievable trip!!" says Kara who landed this beautiful sailfish. Posted by: karaslick
43. "For me it was quite a fight, but once I was able to get out of the boat without him pulling me out first, and get onto the shoreline I was able to bring him in," says Brendaleigh with this heavy coho. Posted: by brendaleigh
44. This cape buffalo, which weighed more than 2,000 pounds was shot in the Vredefort Dome area of South Africa. Posted: by drhank
Posted by: erict8
46. Eight-year-old Benjamin Dendy with a Georgia largemouth that is almost as big as he is. Posted by:gatrky
47. This deer had a 202 1/8-inch gross score and was a Missouri archery state record. Posted by: DanRogalski
A huge wolf killed in Idaho. Posted by: Idahoquad50
49. "This was the last day of our early season in Ontario and the hunt only lasted for 45 minutes! Two flocks, eight guns, 64 geese and my first band!" says Macy Jackowiak. Posted: Macy Jackowiak
50. Bill Simms, tagged this moose in Kotzebue, Alaska in September. The bull measures approximately 63 inches. Posted by: ajsimms