Outdoor Life Photo Contest 2010: Humor

Bronson Stelzer, Cardott, WI
Two-year-old Gavin shooting his first bow.
Jon Osborn, Holland, MI
Who is more suprised? The two year old or the grouse?
Mark Starkey, Duluth, MN
"This is the funniest dang duck I ever did see!"
Lindsay Parrie, Loveland, CO
"Oh, yeah. That feels goooooooood."
Joe Cox, Dayton, OH
And the winner of this year's big mouth contest is ...
Jon Osborn, Holland, MI
"This is my favorite fishing memory of all time," Jon wrote us, "and although it isn't a big fish by any means, it is the best trophy of my angling life."
Steve Edwards, Joppa, MD
Somebody tell this guy it's a decoy.
Terry Green, Cary, N.C.
Nigel Seidel, Monticello, AR
Brett Peters, Belleview, FL
Taylor Pommier, _Kimberley, BC
_Take the picture. Take the picture!
Ron Kadyowski, Brighton, MI
Ryan Garritson, West Jordan, UT
It fishes like it sounds.
Kevin Gilman, Helena, MT
Sharon Watson, Lampasas, TX
Cricket the cat goes turkey hunting.
Nathan Dahlstrom, Lubbock, TX
Brett Flaharty, York, PA
Trent Gladson, Torrington, WY
When this shot coyote jumped up and ran Paul Pardus made a diving grab. Trent snapped the photograph just in time. No, not really. The yote was frozen stiff, having spent a night in the back of Paul's pickup.