Outdoor Life Photo Contest 2010: Hunting

Dennis Ridgeway, Cerro Gordon, IL
Eric St. Ledger, Albion, IL
Jon Osborn, Holland, MI
Tina Snyder, Cape May, NJ
Thomas W. McCollum, Lilburn, GA
Nick Meyer
Husband Nick took this photo of his wife Erin after her first, very successful, turkey hunt in May, 2007.
Andrew Fish, Doniphan, MO
Nigel Seidel, Monticello, AR
Brain Stafford, Portland, OR
Alan Marble, _Dewitt, MI
_In lower Michigan's Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, father and son Alan and Ken Marble setup 400 yards apart. When Alan saw the bird moving toward his son's hen deke he stopped calling. The bird disappeared only to materialize ten minutes later thirty yards from Alan's hide. He fired then saw his son, breaking from the bush, arms waving, "That was awesome!" __
Steve Jones, Clinton, TN
Steve Jones told his son that if he made straight A's his freshman year of college Dad would take him on a hunt out West. A perfect report card later father and son spotted this 7-feet, 6-inch, 400-pound black bear in the B.C. bush. Steve made a 55-yard bowshot and the bear charged. At 10 yards Steve Jr. put an arrow into the bear's hindquarters. It was enough to turn the bear, who fell after a 100 yard run.
Hank Osterkamp, San Clemente, CA
Bruce Heins, Marceline, MO
Brett Peters, Belleview, FL
Chad Dolbeare, Tillmook, OR
Dale Bullock, Battle Ground, WA****
Jeff Taylor__
Keith Lantta, _Andover, MN
Tyler Freel, _North Pole, AK
Ralph Yaeger, Helena, MT
Chris Will
George D. King, Juneau, AK
Hank Osterkamp, San Clemente, CA
Willy Stuart, Laramie, WY
Chad Dotson, Joseph, OR
Tom Cosmic
Tom wrote us: "I rescued this girl at four months. With some love and a little attention she turned into the most intense bird dog I have ever seen. Ducks, grouse, geese, pheasents, flys, bees--if it has wings she hunts it."
Jake Greseth, Winowa, MN
Bryan Miller
Jason Schutt, Clinton TWP, MI
Steve Toczylousky, Catawissa, PA
Kyle Perkins, Grand Island, NB
Nathan Dahlstrom, Lubbock, TX
Leslie Arneson, Charlo, MT
Jason Ratliff, Ness City, KS
Vickie Kilgus, Turbotville, PA
Sue Broom, Covington County, MS
Four-year-old Kody Broom spotted this buck for his grandfather, Darrel, who took it with his .270 Ruger M 77.