Enchanted Honkers

On one side of the rise, endless prairie broken by winter wheat and wetlands.
On the other side, a surreal sight: supernatural-sized honkers.
The access road to the base of the main sculpture is lined with smaller silhouettes of flying geese.
Each of the smaller sculptures - there are hundreds of them lining the road - are cut from a single piece of oil-field steel.
While the larger installation towers 110 feet above the grassy knoll that overlooks Interstate 94.
The goose sculptures, as well as all the landscape-scale art along the Enchanted Highway, were crafted by artist Gary Greff.
All the metal for the sculpture is from cast-off oil-field steel. The field for the flying geese is pipe and the hills at the base of the main sculpture are made from discarded oil tanks.
The scale of the installation is so sweeping that it takes several minutes of walking around it to take it all in.
Especially seeing the sculpture in the spring, when broods of Canada geese are on every prairie pothole and seasonal wetland in the Dakotas, the art makes the landscape come to life. And vice versa.
The individual honkers march to the stark horizons…
… Like a loose squadron of migrating geese.
You can almost imagine the three-dimensional birds taking flight to the north.
While the huge eye watches over the flight like some omniscient, all-seeing power.