Focus, Breath, Release.
Focus, Breath, Release.
Sitka employee Chris Awe enjoys his morning coffee along with the sunrise during our daily practice session
Chris Awe, with maybe the most broken in Mystery Ranch Trucker Hat on the planet!
Grouping well… Chris Awe’s 30 yard group.
Optifade Athlete Andrew Crow, gearing up for another archery season.
Andrew Crow with his Optifade Bowtech Admiral.
Mark dialing in his Sure-Loc 1 pin slider sight.
Focus, Breath, Release.
Quick sight adjustment.
Mark dialing in at 20 yards.
Good grouping with Broadheads leads to more time spent fletching.
These Block Targets have each seen 1000’s of arrows over the past few seasons of Live Hunt.
Bitzenburger Fletchmaster.
Flex Fletch FFP 360 Extreme Vanes… the vanes used on every one of Mark’s arrows.
Flex Bond Adhesive, a must have with Flex Fletch Vanes.
Number each arrow’s cock vane… that way you can track each arrows throughout your practice sessions.
Mark’s different Easton Arrows for the Live Hunt Season. A/C/C’s for Caribou/Elk, Axis FMJ’s for Bison, and Axis Nano’s for Deer/Antelope.
Different Arrows for different species… taking your setup one step further.
G5 Striker Broadhead with replaceable blades.
Practice with Broadheads, make sure you’re using brand new blades before you head out on the hunt.
Finished product. Check out the cut on contact head…
Mark is archery hunting with Bowtech Destroyer 340’s this season.
Mark is using Sure-Loc Sportsman Special Sights… these are 1 pin adjustable sights, coupled with his Leica Rangemaster 1600, all he has to do is get a range, adjust the sight, and hold directly on the animal.
For Spot and Stalk hunts, Mark will use the Optifade Open Country Bow (on left), for Elevated hunting out of a treestand, Mark will use the Optifade Forest Bow (on right).
Twin Optifade Open Country and Optifade Forest Bowtech 340’s. Sure-Loc Sights, Trophy Taker Rests, and G5 Meta Peeps.