Peccary Photos from the Yucatan

McRoberts was studying ocellated turkeys for six months, but his trail cameras also captured photos of these peccaries.
Peccaries, also know as javelinas, are found in the Southwest U.S. and throughout Central and South America.
While peccaries look like pigs, they are not the same as wild hogs which were brought to the U.S. by European settlers. Peccaries are a native species.
A full-grown adult peccary weighs between 44 and 88 pounds.
Peccaries eat roots, grass, seeds, fruit and even small animals. They have short, straight tusks that they use to defend themselves against predators.
Peccaries are fairly aggressive. Several people have been attacked and even killed by Peccaries in Bolivia.
They are known to travel in herds, with as many as 100 animals grouping up.
Peccaries have a distinct odor, and have been nicknamed the skunk pig.
There are four different species of peccary: the collared peccary, the white-lipped peccary, the Chacoan peccary and the Giant Peccary.
Peccary also make great game animals. Here's editor John Taranto with two peccaries he shot in Texas.
John got a first hand look at just how nasty a peccary's tusks are.