Record Quest Trail Cam Photos

Record Quest This year, Outdoor Life is celebrating all the sacrifice, intensity and glory of hunting giant whitetails with a brand-new program, Record Quest. It's the story of remarkable bucks, what it takes to kill them, interviews with those who have, discussions of essential tactics and gear, trophy destinations, and details on how you can join this elite club. Record Quest's host Andrew McKean and the staff of Outdoor Life have been scouting intensely. Here are trail cam photos from three of the locations we'll be hunting this fall.
Kansas, Todd Smith From Kansas, we got back photos of lots of young bucks, but there is one bruiser in there who's super wide that everyone gasps at seeing every time his image pops up. My guess is he'll go at least 150 by the time he sheds his velvet. What do you think?
The little guy pictured here has a long way to go. But still, he's a nice young buck.
I just spoke to Jim Nelson--a good friend and die-hard deer hunter from North Dakota whose incredible weather-forecasting program will soon be up on (Yes, we will be able to tell you exactly which are the best days to be on stand this deer season). Jim has been out checking deer cams and laying mock-scrapes. He reports that his deer look great and that antler growth seems to be better than average this year.
Andrew McKean also reports similar findings on bucks up in northeastern Montana. I hope to see for myself next week when I head out to visit him.
So, do all these good reports mean we're all going to walk out of the woods with Booner's this year? Heck, no. But I am really encouraged by what I'm hearing.
Let us know what's happening in your neck of the woods, so we can compare notes. And if you've got a good trailcam photo to share, please post it so we can see what the bucks in your state look like.
Here are a couple of young bucks with future potential.
Check out the big bruiser lurking in the back. Hopefully he sticks around for hunting season.
Illinois, John Taranto In early December, I'll be travelling to west-central Illinois to hunt with Tim Richardson and Richardson Farms Outfitters in Mount Sterling, Illinois.
I'm excited for a number of reasons. First, I'll be hunting with Traditions' new Vortek Ultralight muzzleloader, and I always relish the do-or-die, one-shot challenge of hunting with a muzzleloader. Second, I rarely get to hunt whitetails this late in the season (usually I'm done the weekend after Thanksgiving), so the thought of a wintry storm blowing through and shaking things up is enticing. Third, this will be my first time hunting west-central Illinois' legendary whitetails. Richardson Farms comprises some 10,000 acres in the whitetail hotbeds of Brown, Adams, Cass and Schuyler counties.
Tim Richardson recently sent me a few trail camera images of some of the deer they're monitoring on the property, and, needless to say, December 2 can't get here soon enough.
Check out the bases on this stud. He looks to me like a 5x6 with a lot of character, including a forked right-side G2.
This guy's got it all: height, decent width and lots of mass.
Finally, this picture-perfect typical has me absolutely salivating. Hopefully, I'll get a crack at him come December.
Ohio--Gerry Bethge Deputy Editor/Online Editor Gerry Bethge will head to central Ohio at the end of October on a crossbow hunt with Clear Creek Outfitters. Owner/operator Todd Frank reports seeing numerous slammer bucks and expects a banner season for his hunters. Here's a look at just a few trail cam photos gathered in the past couple of weeks.
Bethge: Now here's a buck I wouldn't mind seeing under my stand.

Record Quest--Outdoor Life's hunt for North America's biggest bucks--kicks off with a trail cam preview of some of the whitetails we'll be chasing.