Casting Call

Ken Salazar is the current United States Secretary of the Interior. He's had his hands full recently with the Gulf oil spill tragedy and issues such as moving the wolf off of the Endangered Species list. Jason Alexander, aka George Costanza from Seinfeld, bears an uncanny resemblance to Salazar at times. And playing Salazar would be a dramatic shift for Alexander, who usually gravitates to bumbling comedy roles.
Rumor has it that an actual Theodore Roosevelt movie is already in the works. We're hoping there are some fantastic hunting scenes. Martin Mull looks the part and has the dramatic chops to pull off "Teddy."
Ted Nugent has been vocal about his love of hunting and guns for years. We think Billy Bob Thornton could pull off the role of the "'Nuge," if Hollywood ever decides to make a biopic.
John Goodman seems perfect to play Ray Eye of Eye on the Outdoors.
Buffalo Bill Cody is one of the most famous cowboys of the Old West. He was also an accomplished hunter and founder of Cody, Wyoming. Who better to play Cody than Steve Buscemi?
Jonathan Jarvis is the current Director of the U.S. National Park Service. Chris Cooper looks the part.
Annie Oakley is undoubtedly one of the most famous female shooters of all time. She was a remarkable sharpshooter and is credited as being one of the earliest female celebrities. Julia Louis-Dreyfus might have to do a lot of target practice to get Annie Oakley's shooting just right, but we think she'd be great for the job.
Howard Hill was once thought to be the world's most accurate archer, and many people still consider him to be the greatest archer of all time. If a movie were to be made about Hill (who did some acting of his own, most notably in The Adventures of Robin Hood), we hope Hollywood would think to call Burt Reynolds.
Harold Knight, of Knight & Hale game calls, could be played by one of the first James Bond actors, Sean Connery...
...while David Hale could be played another James Bond actor, a bearded Daniel Craig.
Jeff Daniels seems like the perfect actor to play TV fishing personality Jimmy Houston.
Fisherman Roland Martin could be played by Dolph Lundgren.
For Will Primos of Primos hunting calls, think Syriana-era George Clooney (assuming he's not too busy with his Heston role).
Famous hunter and Outdoor Life writer Jack O'Connor would have to be played by someone who oozes knowledge and confidence. How about Jon Hamm of Mad Men?
What do you think about our casting choices? Also, any big name outdoorsmen that we missed? Leave comments and let us know!