News Update for August 20th

MIDWEST Wisconsin: Muskies on the fly As Brad Bohen was preparing to launch his drift boat into Upper Twin Lake in northern Wisconsin, he paused long enough to cast his 9-foot fly rod off the dock of the small flowage. First cast. First muskie. -Minnesota: Candidates debate outdoor issues at game fair -North Dakota: Fenced-in game preserve ban finds place on ballot -Nebraska: Kayak tournament seeks to benefit wounded veterans
MIDWEST Michigan: Warm up for duck season Duck season is around the corner and anxious hunters will bide their time by attending the Pointe Mouillee Waterfowl Festival, Sept. 11-12 at the 4,000-acre Pointe Mouillee State Game Area near Rockwood. The festival hosts a variety of different shooting and duck hunting competitions. -Michigan: Hearing set in Asian carp suit against feds -Missouri: Dove season is a rite of fall -Missouri: Lake Taneycomo trout in trouble Photo: Greg S. Garret
WEST Wyoming: Game and Fish take next step toward deer plan When the Wyoming Game and Fish held its first round of public meetings on the Wyoming Range mule deer herd last month, the public expressed concerns about habitat, population management and possible partnerships for future management of the state's biggest deer herd. A second round of public meetings scheduled next week to further discuss those concerns should lead to a draft management plan for the herd, agency officials said. -Colorado: Wildlife thrive because of hunting
WEST Idaho: Commission resolves to fight wolf ruling The Idaho Fish and Game Commission vowed to pursue all legal options to restore the state's authority over wolf management after a federal judge's Aug. 5 ruling restored endangered species protections. The commission passed a resolution Monday that also finds fault with U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy's decision, which restored protections to wolves in Idaho and Montana. -Arizona: Game and fish propose increase in bear quota -Montana: Mysterious bear deaths in Yellowstone -Montana: State to save river frontage habitat
SOUTH Kentucky: Bass mortality at tournaments concerns anglers, biologists The heat forces bass tournaments into the dark hours at this time of year, but the stresses on the bass caught in those tournaments do not diminish just because its night time. Late summer into early fall presents considerable stresses to black bass just trying to survive. -Kentucky: Go deep to catch bass on a summer day -Virginia: Lie detectors put fish tales to the test Photo by: Ryosuke Hosoi
SOUTH Florida: Parkland hires trappers after coyote attacks Beginning Wednesday, the hunt is on for the coyotes that Parkland residents complain have been terrorizing their pets. City officials said Thursday a trapper has been hired and they are prepared to spend as much as $5,000, depending on how many coyotes are captured over the next two weeks. -Texas: Open spaces scarce at hunting show -Texas: Deer breeder sentenced for smuggling game -South Carolina: Preparations begin for area deer season Photo: Justin Johnsen
EAST Vermont: Noxious invaders hitch ride on fly fishers waders For fly fishers who pride themselves on a conservationist ethic, it hurts to discover that they may be trampling on that ethic every time they wade into a trout stream.Blame their boots -- or, more precisely, their felt soles. Growing scientific evidence suggests that felt, which helps anglers stay upright on slick rocks, is also a vehicle for noxious microorganisms that hitchhike to new places and disrupt freshwater ecosystems. -Vermont: State expands fall turkey season -Maine: Fly fishing museum opens in Rangeley Region -New Jersey: Man to stand trial for squirrel drowning
EAST Pennsylvania: Stand site selection key to dove success Hunting season is like a baseball game, and you are a rookie facing some ace like Tim Lincecum or Andy Petitte on your first trip to the plate. It's like that particularly for wingshooters. After a long layoff, the new season's first challenge is to hit a mourning dove -- the brown rocket of late-summer fields. -Maryland: Blue catfish: invasive species or part of the family -New Jersey: The ugliest catch