Outdoor News: August 4th

MIDWEST Missouri: Record week on the Muddy Mo. The Missouri River is giving up some monster catfish. First Greg Bernal caught a world record breaking blue catfish that weighed 130 pounds. Then Robert Davidson landed a 99-pound flathead catfish that broke the Missouri state record. -Wisconsin: Deadly disregard for lifejackets -Ohio: Illness, dog deaths may be linked to polluted lake -Ohio: Nine-year-old girl catches piranha in Ohio
MIDWEST Nebraska: CRP sign-up critical to state’s future hunting On Sept. 30 Nebraska will loose 179,185 acres of CRP land, which is about 16 percent of its total acreage. The state is having a general sign-up for farmers that runs through August 27. The hope is to regain some of the lost habitat that is crucial for pheasants and other game species. -Michigan: Reader’s debate motive behind increase deer quotas -Iowa: As deer population rises, more move into suburbs
WEST Oregon: Sockeye salmon run sets record on Columbia River The sockeye salmon run up the Columbia River this summer has been the highest since the Bonneville Dam started operating in 1938. In just a few weeks the number of fish running has grown by 55,000 to 386,071 salmon. -Washington: Big buck grand slam -Idaho: Waterfowl season framework released
WEST California: Chase roosters in Baja On the East Cape of Baja California you can cast to big roosterfish from the beach. The region has become a hotspot for fly anglers all around the world. Roosterfish are strong fighters and can grow up to 100 pounds in size. -Nevada: Angler busted for cheating in bass tournament -Arizona: Thousands of hunting permits still available
SOUTH Texas: Texan wins junior trap title in Germany Miranda Wilder of Diana, Texas won the junior world trap title in Germany after a wild shootout. Wilder tied an Australian shooter going into the final round, and they tied again after nine-straight shoot-off birds. Eventually, the Australian shooter faltered, Wilder capitalized on the miss and won the title. -Virginia: Angler rescues woman from North Fork River -Tennessee: Marines get an extra ‘thank you’ with fishing trip
SOUTH Georgia: Angler attacked by beaver, sent to ER Russ McTindal was attacked by a beaver while fishing on the Chattahoochee River. He fought off the beaver with his fishing rod and made a makeshift tourniquet before EMTs arrived. McTindal lost a significant amount of blood and was taken to the hospital. It’s unclear what provoked the beaver to attack. -West Virginia: A passive approach to elk -Alabama: Dove season announced Photo by: Stevehdc
EAST Pennsylvania: State beefs up poaching laws Pennsylvania has finally decided to start cracking down on poachers. New laws will increase the penalty for poaching and could even include jail time, depending on the offense. Serial poachers could serve up to three years in jail. -Pennsylvania: Dove and goose seasons open Sept. 1 -New York: Mystery fish washes up on shore of Hudson -Maine: Father and son found dead at hunting camp, deaths unexplained Photo by: Alex Taylor