Record Quest: Milk River Monsters

Bushnell's Trophy Cams are turning in some great images for Hunting Editor Andrew McKean. He has a number of trail cameras spread across his land in northeastern Montana's Milk River Valley, where archery deer season begins Sept. 4.
The cameras turned in images of some remarkable bucks, still fully in velvet, and it's especially interesting to see deer lock on to the cameras.
Because McKean is moving the cameras frequently, the deer are quick to notice the new gadget in their midst.
For McKean, the footage reconfirms the Milk River's reputation as a big-buck zone.
Maybe it's the spot, or the time of season, or the ample forage on the landscape thanks to a wet spring, but antler growth seems especially good this year.
The cameras have to come down on the evening of Sept. 3. That's because Montana prohibits the use of trail cameras during hunting seasons.