Sara Rose Brandenburg may be be the best 16-year-old hunter in the world. Last month she completed a North American Grand Slam (which requires a hunter to kill all four species of North American sheep through fair chase hunting), making her the youngest female hunter to ever accomplish the feat.
She capped off her Grand Slam by killing this stone sheep in the Yukon Territories, with a 325-yard shot. The ram was a true trophy sporting a 41-inch curl.
Sarah started hunting early on with her dad Rod Brandenburg (pictured left), and she’s more than just a sheep hunter. She’s already been all over the world hunting big game.
Amazingly, she completed her Grand Slam in just two seasons. She killed this bighorn sheep in British Columbia last year.
Sara knocked down this Dall sheep in Alaska.
In January she killed this desert Bighorn in Mexico.
Sara’s older sister Katey is also an accomplished hunter. She shot this huge 800-pound grizzly when she was 15.
While many of the trips the girls take are guided, they have proven themselves as tough hunters, not just shooters who are along for the ride.
Here’s Sara with a zebra she killed in Africa.
On Sara’s last sheep hunt she packed in all of her own gear, packed out her sheep and ended up losing 12 pounds from her 105-pound frame.
Here’s what Sarah’s guide Dustin Roe had to say about her: “I just want to set the record straight about this young sheep hunter. She hunted harder than most men I have ever hunted with. She never complained once. From her October bighorn, with snow and cold, to Mexico in the heat, to this Stone sheep hunt with 86 creek crossings, and wet boots for five days, she always had a smile on her face. This kid completed all these hunts the real way! She hunted just like most men. No extra help or attention was asked for. She didn’t book hunts for high dollars or hire extra spotters, pre-scouters, or any fly time. Sara went on regular market value hunts and completed her Slam with pure heart, guts, and determination.”
Sara killed her record-breaking ram on the fifth day of a grueling hunt.
The Brandenburgs are from Colorado and have also hunted all over the United States. Rod taught his daughters to shoot when they were just three years old.
The North American Grand Slam is considered one of the toughest hunting accomplishments in the world. To harvest the four sheep species you have to be in strong physical and mental condition, and you also have to be able to fund expensive hunting excursions.
For Rod, seeing his daughters hunt big game is well worth the cost. He says he’s happiest watching them hunt and has no problem serving as a spotter.
Sara’s mom is also an avid hunter.
Sara always carries her fair share of when it comes to packing out game.
Sara and her dad after a successful desert bighorn hunt.
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