Grand Slam Bull!

Breathtaking changes in geography from dessert to high timber make the Chama region distinctive.
Up in the high country, it's on to hunting elk for Days 3 and 4 of the Grand Slam Adventure. After spotting a smallish bull heading for its bedding cover shortly after daybreak, Steve Chafin and guide Pat Carpenter decide to exit the meadows and hit the peaks.
At the head of a high-timber meadow, Carpenter and Chafin spot a couple of raghorn bulls.
Chafin looks the animals over with his Geovids.
Lights, camera, action--the life of a Grand Slam winner includes on-camera narrative of the hunt.
Muleys, muleys everywhere--well, not quite but we did spot several bucks including two 200-inch deer which you can see on video.
The Lodge at Chama owner Frank Simms closely monitors each day's hunting activity on the ranch.
One of the most aptly phrased state mottos.
As Chama's elk season begins to heat up, so does business at the Elk Horn Cafe.
Chama Land and Cattle property is also aptly named.
Back up in the Chama mountains, Grand Slam winner Steve Chafin scores big with a 6x7 bull that rough-scored over 300 inches. Here, Deputy Editor Gerry Bethge congratulates the excited Chafin.
Head guide Pat Carpenter (left) and Chafin pose with the hunter's bull.
With the pressure off, there was plenty of time for picture taking.
Chafin's Mossberg 4X4 and Leica scope helped hammer the nice bull.
After three days of hard elk hunting, Carpenter takes a minute to let off some steam.
Back at the lodge, Simms checks out Chafin's elk.
Carpenter taped the bull at over 300 inches. Steve Chafin and Outdoor Life would like to thank all of the sponsors who made this Grand Slam Adventure happen including: Cabela's, Leica, Mossberg, Garmin, Plano, Nosler and especially Chama Land and Cattle.

Grand Slam Adventure winner Steve Chafin downs his biggest bull ever!