As I’ll be hunting Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch in Missouri at the end of the month – please Lord don’t let it be cold there – I asked owner Donald Hill to send me some trail cam pics of deer I might see. The results are pretty impressive to say the least.
And by looking at these monster deer you have the chance to win two pair of Russell Moccasin socks! Wear them on your feet, frame them and hang them on your wall, roll them into a ball to throw at your girlfriend’s cat, or make some puppets – do whatever you want with them because if you win them they’re FREE! Personally, I’d wear them as they’re actually pretty darn nice socks. Well, as far as socks go that is. Keep looking at deer for details on how to win.
Apparently, this deer is shy.
Oh, there he is. My God, what’s up with that eye? Is Oak Creek near a reactor or something? That buck’s eye is glowing like he’s about to shoot a laser out of it.
I like this big buck because he’s in color.
Again with the laser eye … and is that a coral reef on his head? Good God he’s a monster.
What does Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai have to do with the deer at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch? Nothing. Nothing at all.
But she’s in the rain. That’s nice.
There just might be a reactor around there somewhere … look at the size of that guy!
The grass in this photo creeps me out. Not sure why. Guess I’m just strange like that.
This buck is clueless. He’s staring at something off to the right while they’re huge blue letters and numbers under his feet.
Yes, this guy was in the gallery earlier but,…I mean,…dude! He’s huge!
I’m really starting to wonder about my reactor theory. Look at that purple sky. Does it look radioactive to you?
And now to the contest. The experts at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch have estimated – based on this photo alone – what this buck might score. Put your guess in the comment section below. Whoever gets closest to the staff’s guess wins two pair of Russell Moccasin socks!