The Great Deer Gear Giveaway

Every day in November we'll be giving away deer hunting gear. Check on Monday to sign up for our sweepstakes. You can win the following prizes. CLICK HERE TO ENTER >> November 1
Caldwell Shooting Supplies Matrix Shooting Rest
November 2
Winchester hat
Thermologic heat gloves
November 3
Scent Killer odorless formula
Scent Killer body wash
Primos Earth blend
Scent Killer dryer sheets (2)
Scent Killer bar soap****
November 4
Wildlife Research Center key-wick (2)
Wildlife Research Center Earth trophy leaf masking scent
Realtree camo FX
Buck Stop scent stop
Wildlife Research Center special golden estrus
November 5
Wildlife Research Center golden estrus trophy leaf
Scent Secrets DVD
Wildlife Research Center Quik-Wiks
Buck Bomb, The Fuse
Tinks #69 doe-in-rut buck lure
Scent Killer liquid clothing wash****
November 6
Hunter Specialties scent-a-way (2)
Scent Killer field wipes (2)
Wildlife Research Center Scrape hunter's combo pack
Buck Bomb scrape tapes (2)
Buck Bomb detonator (1)
November 7
Buck Bomb scrape tape (2)
Buck Bomb detonator (1)
Buck Bomb spray scents ****
November 8
Buck Bomb spray scents (3)
Buck Buster knife (Do-All)****
November 9
Buck Bomb spray scents (3)
Beard Buster Fannie pack****
November 10
Buck Bomb spray scents (3)
Gerber AO FAST 3.0****
November 11
Russell Outdoors Gale L4 jacket
Russell Outdoors Gale L4 bibs****
November 12
Cabela's Revolution Fleece jacket
Cabela's Revolution Fleece pants****
November 13
Browning Fullthrottle jacket
Browning Fullthrottle pants****
November 14
Redhead youth gloves and Northern Outfitters youth hat
Benelli hat
Goodhew socks
Bobble Buck Alarm Clock****
November 15
Parker Buck Hunter bow****
November 16
LaCrosse Alpha SST boot
November 17
Under Armor bottoms base layer (mid)
Under Armor bottoms base layer (light)
Under Armor tops base layer heavy****
November 18
Tiger Hill shooting shirt
Mossy oak camo jacket****
November 19
Knight and Hale Pack Rack
Moultrie Feeders hat
Woolrich vest****
November 20
Knight and Hale Pack Rack
Buck Paklite Caper**
November 21
Primos Up Roar deer call
Winchester blaze orange vest****
November 22
Brunton compass 26dnl
Gerber Epic****
November 23
Brunton compass 16dlu
Gerber Strata Multi-plier****
November 24
Coleman: Hooligan 2 Tent****
November 25
Jerky King (beef jerky package)****
November 26
Motorola talkabout walkietalkies sx 800R****
November 27
Motorola talkabout sx600r****
November 28
Motorola talkabout FV300R****
November 29
Midland two-way radios****
November 30
Alpine Archery: Impact Extreme

UPDATED: Enter now! We're giving away more than $3,000 in deer hunting gear this November. Our prize packages include bows, knives and the newest scent masking-technology. See what you can win here.