Mad Cows

These photos come from the Northwest, where a black bear tries to his luck at cattle wrangling.
But the bear is in over his head. This large blonde and white Simmental cow charges him head on.
Other angry cows join in on the brawl.
The bear is outweighed here by hundreds of pounds, but he fights back, biting the cow in the face and neck.
Cows are usually viewed as docile animals that are easy targets for predators, but this herd is proving otherwise.
Now the bear is really in trouble.
It looks like he's about to be crushed by the cows' heavy hooves.
But somehow the bear is able to escape from the two cows. The ranchers expected the bear to at least have some broken ribs. Aside from a few scratches, the cows were fine.
The bear hightails it back to the woods.