I shot this ram in 2009 in the Brooks Range. My partner and I both shot rams in the same spot, it made for quite the pack out.
I shot this ram on a solo hunt in the Alaska mountain range in August 2010. He was the fifth ram I have killed, but my first hunt by myself. I was flown in, and shot him 17 miles from the air strip, then had to pack him out.
This was on my first ever elk hunt and I was able to take this nice bull.
It was a rainy cool day, and we spotted this bull moose in a draw. We moved in on him and I was able to get a good shot off at 200 yards or so. I am very happy with him, and he is just over 45 inches wide. He has 9 points on one side and 10 on the other. I am only 15 years old but way excited that I was able to shoot this moose.
After two hours of hunting with his dad, and an agonizing pass of a smaller buck, Joey decided to try rattling. This 9-pointer came to within 125 yds. Joey shot him with his 270 loaded with reduced recoil ammo. The buck was an exceptionally big deer weighing over 200 pounds. Though the day started with cold and frustration, Joey later exclaimed ” this was the best day of my life.”
We just made it to the top of the hill to our spot on Oct. 18, 2009. It had started to rain when we spotted this buck. It was foggy and hard to see, he stood still for about 15 minutes, still as a rock and then finally he heard something and he turned his head and my dad and I said “its a buck” at the same time. I closed the deal, at 167 yards.
When Warren Kremmins goes fishing, he means business.This amberjack on the Last Mango was a catch of a lifetime!
When the cold fronts begin to march across the country and winter is not far behind, anglers on Florida’s Treasure Coast can’t help but think of sailfish season. “Catch and Release” – It just keeps getting better year after year!
This is the 8-point buck I took in October with my Parker 175 Buck Buster.
I took the whole family hunting west of Quesnel, British Columbia. Two days into the trip we got the mulie moose. He’s my bull of a lifetime, I hope you like him.
After four years watching this buck on a Cuddeback camera on my land in Kansas, I got him! 17 points 212 green gross score using a Mathews DXT Compression Bow and Rage 3 Broad Head.
This was my first deer. And my first time in the woods bow hunting. He’s a 7-pointer with a long body. I had a hudge grin all day.
America’s favorite fish, this red snapper went back into the ocean after a quick photo op. Stringently regulated by federal regulation for several years, many experts consider the red snapper population to be healthy and in no danger of overfishing at this time.
This hefty golden tilefish was caught east of Fort Pierce, Florida on the Last Mango. The comercial quota is being downsized anually, chances of catching a ‘nice tile’ are growing. But keep an eye on NMFS’ South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council’s plans to regulate recreational sport fishing to drastic extremes.
Annabelle Pancini 10 years old shot this 14-point buck Sunday afternoon in Northwest Indiana. Her Papa Ric Larson took her hunting all weekend for Indiana’s youth season hunt and they got the big one on the last day.
Here’s a picture of a coyote I killed in our back yard by our house in Guilderland, NY, which is near Albany.
This big blue was over 14 pounds and put up a really good fight, too bad it was two weeks before the WICC Bluefish tournament or I would have pocketed some cash!
Just another day in Sitka, Alaska.
Chris Hurrell, 8, caught this lake sturgeon in Wisconsin using night crawlers. It was Chris’s first large fish ever and he battled all the way with the sturgeon for about 15 minutes. The fish was photographed and then released to fight another day.
Caught this nice red while black bear hunting in Talkeetna, Alaska.
Randy Cound caught this monster striper in Lake Martin late August 2010. It weighed 50 pounds and measured 45 inches. What a great catch!
I took this 275-pound Maine black bear in Portage Lake on Aug. 30 with Eldon Jandreau of Hunters Point Guide service.
Caught this one in shallow water in submerged cover.
I don’t know which one is uglier–me or the alligator.
The water was high and muddy, we found a small calm spot where two creeks met and she hooked this 14-inch rainbow trout. Grace was pretty proud!
This beautiful 14-inch cutthroat trout was caught by Tyler A. Nading, age 17, at Pear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. He caught it on his own hand tied fly, a #14 Copper John, on June 16, 2010. The trout was released, unharmed, after the photo was taken.
I shot this buck last year during the Wisconsin archery season. It was the first of two 8-pointers I killed that year and it was the biggest deer I’ve ever shot with my bow.
A nice redfish caught off the coast of North Carolina.

Hunting season is in full swing and outstanding reader photos are being sent to us everyday. Check what your fellow fans have been up to this season.