Youth Pheasant Hunt

The Lee Sportsmen's Association annual youth pheasant hunt took place on October 2, 2010 in Lee Massachusetts. Eight young hunters between the ages of 12 and 14 participated.
Prior to the hunt, each youth was required to complete the basic hunter education program. They were then introduced to skeet shooting over the course of several days and this was followed up with a mock hunt to test their safe gun handling skills, which they all passed with flying colors.
As their proficiency improved, so did their confidence and the boys were looking forward to testing their newfound shooting skills on cagy roosters.
The day of the hunt was perfect with sunny skies and a cool breeze. Each youth was briefed on gun safety, muzzle control and zones of fire. Fathers joined their sons and it was most of the kids' first hunt.
With the help of a couple of energetic Labrador retrievers, the birds went up and a few came down!
When the boys hit their mark, cheers and congratulations rang out through the Tyringham Valley.
At the end of the hunt, eight young hunters left the fields with eight birds and memories to last a lifetime.
Kudos goes to the Lee Sportsmen's Association for their efforts to introduce kids to this great tradition of hunting.