Corissa Wege, a 16-year-old from Hortonville, Wisc., had perhaps the most productive hour of deer hunting ever. Photos by: Jan Mallman
Corissa and her dad, Tom, got into the stand early on Saturday, the opening morning of the Wisconsin gun deer season. (Tom killed this nice buck during the archery season).
At first light a 13-point buck walked out at 40 yards. Corissa found the buck in her crosshairs and squeezed the trigger of her muzzleloader (in the region of the state where she was hunting centerfire rifles are not permitted).
She had made a good shot, but Corissa and her dad didn’t see the buck go down because of all the smoke after the shot. Tom quickly reloaded for the possibility of a followup. But after reloading, he spotted a 10 pointer standing broadside at 200 yards.
Corissa again shouldered the muzzleloader and took a second shot. And again her aim was true and she hit the buck right behind the shoulder. “It happened so fast. I was glassing as she was shooting and [I was] just reloading her gun as fast as I could,” Tom says.
In Wisconsin it is legal to party hunt, or shoot a deer for another hunter who has not yet used his or her tag yet.
Soon Corissa’s aunt and cousin walked over to see what all of the shooting was about. The group went and found the two deer and as they were admiring the 10 pointer, an 8-point buck walked up to them and stood just 30 yards away.
For the third time in less than an hour, Corissa squeezed the trigger. When the smoke cleared, three trophy bucks were on the ground. “I was [so excited] I was shaking and almost puking,” Corissa said.
Tom says he’s going to get all three of the deer mounted along with the buck he shot this year during archery season.
The Wege family has been hunting together for more than 20 years, but they’ve never had an experience quite like this before. “I was about the proudest father there ever was,” Tom says. By 8 a.m. on opening morning, Corissa had killed three beautiful bucks and had completed a hunt she’d never forget. Photos by: Jan Mallman

Corissa Wege had an opening day she’ll never forget. In just one hour she killed three massive bucks.