Blast from the Past: Fall 1960

A nice buck in the red, sunlit sky graced the October 1960 cover of Outdoor Life. Click ahead to see what was inside the issue!
Ah, the early days of manufactured camouflage! The photo here is of an enormous camouflage net. Actual camo clothing wouldn't become popular for another two decades.
Genuine fur-lined mug--soft on your lips, and helps eliminate the drips. Is this a gag gift, or simply a clever product idea that never caught on? You decide.
Stay tuned for our annual blowgun test later this year!
Before Merino wool socks became all the rage and before hunters were wearing heated boots, we had these--Weather Shield "Hot Sox."
Trigger Finger Warmer. Not a bad idea at all.
The early 1960s were the start of the James Bond craze, so naturally Outdoor Life ran ads for novelty items like this fountain pen that also sprays tear gas. 007 would love this!
An early ad for Hanes' long underwear, which is still popular today with many sportsmen.
Pay to hunt? This concept will never catch on!
Another photo from Arthur Grahame's article, "Paid Hunting is Here."
Being a native Hoosier myself, I had to include a photo of Erwin A. Bauer's piece on catching 20,000 bass in Indiana. For sportsmen curious about fishing in the Hoosier state, check out Patoka Lake--a good bass hotspot in the southern part of the state.
A great photo of Indiana fishing at its best.
Interestingly, the October 1960 issue also included a cocktail guide. This author's favorite? A strong Manhattan on-the-rocks after a good day in the field.
...of course, an ice-cold beer would suit me just fine as well.
Just a teaser.
The October 1960 This Happened to Me was called Brink of Death by C.A. Oswald out of Boise, Idaho. Click ahead to read the story!
"On October muley hunt in Idaho's Hell's Canyon country, I got off my horse to toss rocks in small canyon. Three does ran out..."
"I remounted, and started to cross loose shale when I saw a big buck. In reaching for my rifle, I kicked the horse."
"He jumped. Shale started sliding. I went over him, my foot fouled in the stirrup."
"We skidded to edge where horse lurched to a halt. I hung over a 500-foot drop."
"Speaking gently to the wild-eyed, terror-frozen pony, I slowly hauled myself up my own pants leg."
"On third try I grabbed rifle scabbard. The horse stayed motionless as I freed my boot."
"Dropping ot all fours, I started to crawl up the shale. The horse turned to follow."
"He plunged after me with great leaping bounds. Both of us safe, I thanked God."
In November of 1960, Nixon lost the presidential election to JFK, Clark Gable died, Wilt Chamberlain set an NBA record for the most rebounds, and Outdoor Life profiled some great cold weather hunts.
Why wear just the Hot Sox, when you could be wearing an entire Hot Suit?
One of the more perplexing photos we've ever run.
The November 1960 issue featured a harrowing first-hand account of a black bear attack.
Also, the issue included a photo of this great non-typical.
For just $1.49, you too could buy this mask and look like a psycho.
The November 1960 This Happened to Me was called Going My Way? by R. Thorne from Sierra Madre, California. Click ahead to read the story!
"Accompanied by my Irish setter, Chip, I set out from my cabin in Sierra Madre Canyon one December day to hunt mountain lion."
"Rains had made the going a bit rough, but suddenly Chip sounded off and spooked a lion on a steep slope above us."
"As I moved in, a great commotion broke loose. The lion had started a rock slide."
"Helpless in the moving shale, the lion hurtled down at me."
"I tried to get out of its way, but wasn't fast enough. The cat smacked into me, and the blow knocked me down."
"The rushing mass swept me along, careering faster and faster, and banging me up hard."
"Finally, using my rifle stock as a brake, I worked my way out of the slide's path."
"I stopped, safe at last, and Chip eased down to join me. The cat? He vamoosed."