The strangest pictures from the wild My dad snapped this photo just off of his front deck. He said these two cubs wrestled and tore around the yard for the better part of 15 minutes to the complete disinterest of their mother.
This buffalo was coming at my car as I was standing outside the car taking a picture. -montana_hail
My Tasco trail camera took this picture the first night I had it in the woods. The doe is biting the buck while the fawn is nursing. -Katelyn
Suki likes to get some air on every retrieve. -Kody
Leave my buck alone, sister! Caught on a trail camera just to the right of my deer stand. -tcalhoun
This is my dog’s first night running a live coon. Like most times he is an overachiever, and just wants to make me happy. -cdn420
This photo was taken in the Missouri Breaks northwest of Brusett, Montana on the Curtis & Evelyn Chamberlin Ranch. -Justin and Jordan Cornelius
I got this shot of a red-tailed hawk screaming at me on take off. -joeb
That’s me and my dog Pokey discussing where the Largemouths might be hiding that day. -fasted
I was bow hunting in Pike County Pennsylvania and shot a doe. I hung it on the meat pole and went inside for some dinner. I noticed the deer was swinging, so I ran outside to take a look. A 300-pound black bear was eating my deer. He ate the whole thing in about 15 minutes. -mwicks62
I found this blacksnake the morning after a snow storm in about 20-degree weather in Pennsylvania on Jan. 7. The only tracks around were from deer, which I figure stomped its head. What the heck was it doing out in the snow? -Tony Donchak
This photo was taken this year during bowhunting season. I had seen this buck two different times this season but it never came into range for me. As of today this bad boy is still running wild! -amprigge
My Grandfather, brothers, and father’s best friend were all sitting on the deck of my cottage after a morning hunt and we saw a deer across the cove running through the weeds. We then saw the second deer (a buck) chasing her very closely. She finally decided she had had enough and jumped into the lake thinking he would stop the chase. No luck for her! -pjvander
Two does sparing. I’ve seen it in the field but never caught it on camera — until now. -jcpace
This picture was taken by a Bushnell trail camera seconds after I took a shot on a tom. -lds577
A 422-pound Maine black bear looks even bigger when he’s sitting in a tree 10 feet above you. -jackmanhardware
A golfer playing though while a bull elk bugles! -elkshooter
My trail camera caught these wolves taking a dip in my protein and salt lick. -Rita P.
This albino buck appears to be one of the reasons for all the albino whitetails here in central Minnesota. He is one of five albinos that live in the Father Hennepin State Park. There are possibly six albinos as of this spring 2008. An albino fawn was born but I’m not sure if it survived. -albinodeerguy
This fawn looks to be saying, “Excuse me, but I am bigger than you!” The gray squirrel wasn’t about to leave until he got his share, but finally gave in when a larger deer showed up. -albinodeerguy
Don’t know where it happened, just wanted to pass it along. -dearole
I saw these two cow elk duking it out at the Oak Creek Feeding Station. -hntrchik
Me and my two boys watched this fox squirrel walk around my dad’s front yard in Watkinsville, Georgia for a few hours, and then take a nap. This is a photo of him naping. -shansford
I hate to be the one to ask this question, but what happened to all the picnickers?

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