OL.com regular seadog shows off a monster gator.
Curious onlookers came from miles away to get a look at this huge Dunn County, Wisconsin bruin which came to be known as “the combine bear” after a farmer reportedly ran it over in his cornfield. Once the DNR investigated the matter, however, they noticed a couple of bullet holes in the 700-pounders hide.
…And there are those photos that, well, just defy explanation! Guess this would be a McDonald’s duck.
Web user jorcon got this photo while scouting elk in Montana. How exactly he got is photo remains a mystery and we have not heard for jorcon since.
Quit laughing–it was with a first with a fly rod, guys.
Web user fishing4sanity uploaded this photo with an explanation: “I’d rather hunt any day over golf, but the deer weren’t cooperating and I happened to have an old club in the back of my pickup and my son thought this location would make a great golf hole. Although, it would probably be better for golf with less snow and on a warmer day.”
Camp Lake Wisconsin Ice Fishing Tournament from HawgNSons–it did not win.
What do you do for an encore when you’re six years old and have already popped your first coyote?
Ice fishing can be an eye-popping experience.
We like the way Uriah Wurst thinks: “Coyote calling contests are good for farmers, the environment and hunters who like to call in coyotes!”
A very proud Marcy Jackowiack uploaded this photo of what we’d call a darn good day in the goose blind… “Wade Walling (the 2008 World Goose Calling Champion) is my dedicated and talented other half, so you can imagine how many great hunts we have been on… But this day takes the cake! This was the last day of our early season in Ontario and the hunt only lasted for 45 minutes! Two flocks, 8 guns, 64 geese and my first band! The hunt of a lifetime!”
Eagle Butte, SD. Praire dog pup (little bigger than the size of a beer can). 588 yards….(beats my hunt clubs old record by 5 yards). Savage Varminter .22-250 with the AccuTrigger.–dfield
OL.com regular seadog shows off a monster gator.
Jimmy Houston’s got nothing on this guy.
We now know that squirrels sleep with their eyes open.
Coyotes: A love story
This wolf was rumored to have been taken virtually everywhere in North America and Europe. All we’ve been able to definitely find out is that it’s huge.
“We went to the cabin to do some work and found this big tom turkey laying on the loveseat. If we would have been sitting there he would have landed in my lap. He came through the 6’x7′ plate glass window and died on the love seat. He was discovered on April 13, 2009. We do not know how long he had been there. That was one expensive turkey!–caroljean

Some of our favorite OutdoorLife.com reader photos often need some added explanation.