Don’t call it a comeback, because Sarah Palin never really left. Even after Palin resigned as Alaska’s governor in 2009, she was a regular contributor to Fox News and occasionally popped up in headlines. But now she’s got a show of her own. In Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which will air on Nov. 14, the former vice presidential candidate will host an eight-part documentary on “The Last Frontier.” The program is set to air on TLC.
In each episode Palin and family members will tour the state, salmon fishing, hiking, kayaking and interviewing other Alaskans along the way. The series is produced by Mark Burnett, who has worked on projects such as Survivor, The Apprentice and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader.
In the premiere episode, Sarah escapes her busy schedule to go salmon fishing with Todd (her husband), Piper and niece McKinley in bear country. Later, Sarah and Todd scale a challenging peak in Denali National Park. Sarah pushes her skills to the limit climbing Alaska’s most iconic mountain, according to TLC.
Palin, who stepped into the national spotlight after being selected as a vice presidential candidate by John McCain, is well known by now for her passion for the outdoors.
She’s a lifetime NRA member, a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and an avid moose hunter.
She even says her favorite food is moose stew.
The show is not the first opportunity for Palin fans to have an inside look at her life. In November 2009 she released a book titled “Going Rouge: An American Life.” The book quickly became a New York Times #1 best seller. Photo: Dennis Crowley
Many political experts expect Palin to run for president in 2012, but she has not yet said if she is planning to run or not. Photo: sskennel
While campaigning with McCain, Palin gained support from many Midwesterners who could relate to her small-town personality.
But she took sharp criticism from the left. Among other things, critics argued that she was too inexperienced in foreign policy and Beltway politics.
This is her husband Todd Palin. Todd is a commercial fisherman, an oil field production worker and a professional snowmobile racer.
Palin gained popularity in Alaska for challenging big, corrupt business operations. Photo: sskennel
Palin has described herself as a “mamma grizzly” and a “hockey mom.”
“You have to respect the elements out here, mother nature always wins,” Palin says in her new show.
To find out more about her show go to: Sarah Palin’s Alaska

In Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which will air on Nov. 14, the former vice presidential candidate will host an eight-part documentary on “The Last Frontier.”