A Sunset Shot in Wisconsin It wasn’t going to be a long sit, since I didn’t get into my stand until 5:15 and sunset was around 6:30. I grunted in a nice 8-point and missed the deer. While going for another arrow this giant 9-point came running in. With very little time, I got an arrow nocked, drew back and stoped the deer with in eight yards of my tree. I released my arrow and he only went 35 yards and crashed. -Benjamin Herum

Daughter’s First Deer

Daughter’s First Buck Twelve-year old Haeleigh took this 12-point buck, her first deer, on a youth hunt in Missouri. -mandt4ever
Texas Giant
My cousin shot this 191 4/8 giant on October 30, 2010 with his Remington 7mm mag. at 100 yards. -erict8
Ohio Bruiser
I was getting ready to leave for the night when this big boy showed up chasing two does. I got a shot at 30 yards and he went about 40 yards and dropped. He was a 14-pointer and weighed around 250 lbs. On this hunt I used a bear hunter compound,Easton game getters, and bushmaster broad heads. -danter2n1
Texas Whitetail
I took this deer on October 30, 2010 with my browning A-Bolt .270 at 100 yards in southern texas. His final score was 142 and 5/8 with a 22 inch spread. I shot him on the second morning of the hunt after seeing him the night before and not being able to get a shot. -erict8
Brian’s Big Buck
I was bowhunting in Michigan when my brother called my cell phone to say a huge buck was coming my way. As I got off the phone, I turned to see this buck at 30 yards. He’s a 12 point with matching stickers at the base of his main beams, 18 inch inside spread with 10 inch tines, and the biggest 12-point I’ve taken. -brihunt
Comfy in Camo
Marcie Dawson killed this monster buck in Virginia this fall!
Lucky Number Ten
This was my first deer ever and it was shot on 10/10/10 at 10:00am.
New York Archery Buck
I was able to take this nice 8-pointt at 25 yards while hunting with my son Cooper. We rattled him into bow range! -Hambone
Melissa’s Muley
Twelve-year old Melissa took her first mule deer on Copper Mountain near Thermopolis, Wyoming. She made the kill using her Grandpa’s Ithaca, 243 Winchester rifle. -kuduhunter
Boys and Bows
My oldest son, Bryan 20yrs, took my youngest son, Jordan 12yrs, out for an evening hunt. I hadn’t heard from them and it was getting dark. I finally got a hold of Bryan who said they got lost in the woods, which wasn’t true. Then they surprised me with this beautiful 150#, 10-pointer that Jordan had shot. Jordan told me that he just believed in himself and knew he could do it! -sar4boy
When I pulled the trail cam card and saw a picture of this deer I could not believe it. One Sunday I had him in front of me, but he didn’t present a shot with enough shooting light so I had to pass. Then Tuesday evening and he came in on a different trail, hard on a dominant buck scent bomb. He quarted away hard at 18 yards and I let her rip! He went fifty yards, the rage got to his heart. -Gunner82
Two For Two
We had already seen a bear and were hoping for a deer! We had not even sat for an hour when this buck wandered out with his girlfriend. They stopped behind a tree and we could not see either of them for a while. He finally came out, and my Dad looked through his spotting scope and saw his small spikes. I drilled him at 200 yards with my Tikka T3 30-06. My second deer in my second deer season! Two for two! -Hunter Girl 1
Bigger Than My Dad’s Buck
I was hunting with my Dad on October 25, 2010 at our hunting club in Douglas Georgia. This buck came out and I took my shot at about 125 yards. I was overwhelmed with excitement. It is bigger than my Dads. This was an amazing experience and I am so glad I got to share it with my Dad. For Christmas my parents are having my deer mounted. I can’t wait to show it off. -rcampbell88
Extracurricular Activities
I was bow hunting on my day off of school and shot this decent 8-point around noon, two days before gun season. I got pretty lucky. He has a 17 inch spread. -Andrekllr
Through the Trees
I took this wonderful mule deer on the first day of second season in Westcliff, Colorado at San Isabel National Forest. I made the shot with with my 30.06 from 300 yards away through the timber line. He dropped instantly. -ks101
Shooting in the Stubble
We pulled up on my uncle’s stubble field in Eastern Montana where there were two Whitetail does eating. We got out of the pick-up and walked over to scout out the surroundings, until my uncle spotted the buck. We went around a hill to get closer. I shot at about 225 yards and got him right in the lungs. -Sean Williams
Antlers in Exeter
This buck was shot in Thomas Holler, Exeter, Missouri. It scored 257 and is likely a new Missouri State Record. I’m not sure, but it’s worth putting out there for people to see. -atK417
Brayden’s Buck
This is twelve-year-old Brayden Craig’s first deer. It is an Oklahoma 14-point buck that weighed 150 pounds. He took it during the 2010 youth rifle season with a single shot from a Winchester .270. -ccraig
Buck Buster
This is th 8 point Buck I took on 10/02/10 with my Parker 175 Buck Buster. -pittrehab
“Bug” Takes a Buck
Maddison Roberts turned 13 in September. This was her first buck. Her nick name is “BUG” and on the bolt of the rifle it reads “BUG 2010”. Maddison took this buck using a Model 14 Savage chambered in 257 Roberts from the Savage custom shop and Federal premium ammo with the 120 grain Nosler partition. Maddison spotted this buck, snuck up to 150 yards and made a one-shot kill. -Jakec20
Patience Pays Off
After two hours of hunting with his dad, and the agonizing pass of a smaller buck, Joey decided to try rattling. This 9 pointer came within 125 yds. Joey shot him with his 270 loaded with reduced recoil ammo. The buck was an exceptionally big deer weighing over 200 lbs. Though the day started with cold and frustration, Joey later exclaimed ” this was the best day of my life”. -Ken Gallman
A Four Year Wait
After four years of watching this buck on a Cuddeback camera on my land in Kansas, I got him! Seventeen points and a green gross score of 212, using a Mathews DXT Compression Bow and Rage 3 Broad Head. -Dave Dreiling
This was my first deer. And my first time in the woods bow hunting. Hes a 7pt with a long body. I had a hudge grin all day.
-Veronica Robb
Last Day Luck
Ten-year-old Annabelle Pancini shot this 14-point buck on a Sunday afternoon in Northwest Indiana. Her papa, Ric Larson, took her hunting all weekend for Indiana’s Youth Season and they got the big one on the last day. -sap
Into The Woods
This was only my second time hunting! I was sitting in a tree stand on my dad’s lease in South Carolina when nine bucks walked into the field in front of me. We tracked the deer I had shot and found him laying about 200 yards. deep into the woods. -pauline4
Filling the Freezer
This was my first deer taken with my Parker crossbow and it helped fill the freezer. It was also my first time used a call to get buck in close–I grunted him in to 20 yards. It was a fine day with two firsts. A big set of horns isn’t all it takes to make a trophy. -hunttime
The Brute
Last fall I had major abdominal surgery one month before hunting season. Determined to get out and feel normal again, I convinced my Dad to take me hunting. Facing the cold and a sore stomach, I sat in the snow while he made a deer drive for me on foot. My perseverance, stubbornness, and his help landed my first set of antlers, and a time I’ll never forget. -Deer_Dragger
Good Ole’ Corn-Fed Whitetail
Taken in Pennsylvania. -deerslayer34
Buck Brothers
Chase(on the right) and his step brother, Jake, with Chase’s second deer, a four-point taken from the same stand as his firstt deer. Two years, two deer. That’s good for our area of Pennsylvania. I hope his luck continues. -chasemallory
Dad’s Turn
My son already got his first deer and it was my turn to hunt. This one came in about four hours after he got his. I was in the same stand, using the same gun. It was the best first day I’ve ever had. -chasemallory
Best First Day
My son Chase and his first deer. The big five-point walked in 15 minutes after daylight, so he was back in the warm house, all happy and proud, by 9am. I went back to the same treestand and got my buck around 11:30. Two big bucks, taken from the same treestand, with the same gun. -chasemallory
The Big 8
As the morning twilight began to wear off, we were able to identify the deer as The Big 8, accompanied by three fork bucks, and three does. The Big 8 bolted towards the creek to run off a raccoon. Then they headed our way. A forked buck fed within 7 yards and almost busted us. The Big 8 hung up for five minutes before presenting a shot. -countryboy777
Nine Point
My first deer, shot with my Remington 270. -aluney
Shotgun Harvest
I was hunting in Perry County, Illinois in their 2nd shotgun season and harvested this great deer at one in the afternoon. He grossed 222 5/8 and had a net B&C score of 210 5/8. He chased a doe into the field. Awesome experience!! -jfitzjr
Dream Come True
It was the last day of season and my husband was having trouble getting me out of bed! I finally got up and shot the muley of a lifetime within two hours! This is only my second buck ever and he’s a 10×8 nontypical with one main beam broke off. I passed up a few great whitetails cause I wanted one all the “boys” would talk about and send around on phones! I never thought my dream would come true…
Kentucky Kyle
I shot this whitetail from 297 yards with a 7mm ruger. He came out of the woods when three does steped out. My dad was with me. He had a 16 inch spread and is my biggest buck so far, but I hope for more to come. -deerhunterkyle
Big 4-pointer
My brother and I were hunting a small farm. We saw him from about 75 yards and thought he was a bigger buck, so my brother shot it. We walked up on it and saw that it was just a big symetrical 4-point. It had a 15 inch spread. and six inch tines–not bad for a four-point.
Deerhunterkyle’s Dad
My dad killed this after getting trail camera picturess of it on a different farm. We hunted the farm the pictures came from, but we never saw it. Then we hunted the farm next to it and dad killed it that evening using a 7mm.
Eight Pointer
I hunted 36 days before I got this buck! -Wallace Pitts
Mystery Trophies It’s that time of year again when our e-mail inbox is stuffed with photos of some monster bucks that have hit the ground across the country. Some of these trophy whitetails are true giants. We’re still hot on the heels of tracking down the complete stories for a couple of these stud whitetails. Pennsylvania hunters are whitetail crazy and when word gets out on a potential new state record buck, it spreads like wildfire. Barry Kern of Clarksville, PA reportedly shot this 14-pointer in Washington County.
Kern’s trophy whitetail reportedly grossed 189 (green score) and netted 174.
The current Pennsy state record typical is 178 3/8.
The Keystone State’s new No. 1 non-typical bowhunting record belongs to Gerald Simkonis, whose 36-pointer received an official score of 208 1/8 inches. It was shot in 2008.
Simkonis, of South Strabane in Allegheny County, was hunting private land in Wildlife Management Unit 2B when he arrowed the buck. Simkonis began his bowhunting career when he was just 12 and lived in Luzerne County.
“One of the reasons I took the job is that Allegheny County has so many entrants in the record book,” Simkonis says. “There’s still a lot of farms out here and if you pitch in and help them bale hay, they’ll let you hunt.”
Here’s a huge buck we know precious little about. It was reportedly taken shortly after the bow opener in Mississippi. What a great whitetail.
Here’s a buck that certainly qualifies as one of the coolest looking whitetails of the season thus far. Kim Acker hammered this Milwaukee, Wisconsin bruiser in late September.
It green-grossed 202 3/8. Got to love the extra beam.
Here’s a mystery buck we’re attempting to track down. Reportedly taken in Exeter Missouri, it supposedly scored 257-plus.
We do know about this huge Ohio crossbow buck, however. Steve Esker arrowed the 24-pointer on October 14 near Columbus. It gree-scored 217 1/8.
Meanwhile over in Genessee County, New York, Matt Gober grunted in a 160-class buck that could put it in the Top 10 ever taken by a bowhunter in the state.
Terry Kyle of Glenwood City, Wisconsin scored on this 17-point non-typical that weighed over 200 pounds.
This Texas non-typical is said to have scored 313 and at least one report puts it as a contender for the biggest non-typical ever taken in the state. Details to come.

Record bucks are starting to hit the dirt across the country. Here are some huge bucks taken by bowhunters thus far this season.