The 3-beam freak
Fifteen-year-old Lucas Clark of Northport, ME killed his first buck this season--a freak triple-beam, 20-pointer that most hunters go a lifetime without seeing.
On Nov. 13, Clark headed to the woods behind his house and got into his stand overlooking a bog. He heard some thrashing to his left, so he rattled and grunted, but no bucks came into view.
He called again, and was contemplating shooting one of the does that appeared from the thicket, when this incredible buck stepped out. Clark found him with his scope and waited for the buck to stop, which he finally did at 150 yards.
“I managed to get get the crosshairs on him and squeezed the trigger,” Clark says. “He never took another step.”
However, Clark had not yet seen the most amazing part of his deer. When the buck fell, his right side was buried in cranberry bushes, hiding the abnormal antlers from view. “When I picked up his head I couldn’t believe what I was looking at,” he said. He has no plans to sell his trophy, despite receiving offers of up to $5,000. The rack was green-scored at an impressive 194 inches.
Canadian Bruisers
These photos come from Kevin McNeil of Alberta, Canada. We don’t know too much about the bucks, except that they are outrageously big.
The deer were taken in WMU 523 where McNeil lives.
According to McNeil, this buck had a gross non-typical score of 209.
Monster Muley
The story comes from Issam Samman: Well, I have been following this buck around for about three weeks and in those 3 weeks there was lots of hiking, glassing, wishing and cussing. The first time I saw him, he was in a hay field chasing tail on private land. So I kept a good eye on him and hunted him hard, it seemed like every time I thought I had him he would give me the slip or he would be on the next ridge or draw over.
So yesterday I got off work early and I decided to go after him. It was 1 p.m. on a -1-degree day, but it was a clear and sunny. As I headed off into the woods I had a good feeling; the night before I had asked permission to hunt the private land where I had seen him with a doe, and where he spent most of his time. As I made it to the top of the ridge I spotted some does and a buck. I stopped to glass, it was a good buck, just not the one I was waiting for. So I continued on to my glassing spot to look for ‘THE’ buck. He was nowhere to be seen.
Now it’s 4:10 and almost dark, as I sat there in despair I looked behind me where a doe was bedded under a fur tree. When I turned back around I put my binos up to take a look and 3/4’s of a mile away here comes THE buck pursuing a hot doe, out from the timber into an open field. I gathered my things and headed his way. Down the ridge, across a field and a belly crawl, to the crest of a small hill, just to watch him go behind a tall stand of wild plum brush. So I butt scootch back down the hill, run across the field to an old fallen snag. Now I can see him with his doe. With the buck in sight, I put one knee down and find the perfect gun rest, an old branch and a clear shooting lane. I switch from safe to fire, the crosshairs are on the vitals, I squeeze the trigger and tink. Yes, tink, not even a click or a clack, but only a tink. Dismayed, I jack another round in and — tink. “What the …” the next round — tink. Keep in mind we have 8 inches of powder fluff snow so, in the chaos of jacking the rounds and the tinks, I was losing the rounds in the snow. So I’m down to four rounds on my gun mounted ammo carrier. By this time the buck had followed his doe up and around a hill, with four rounds left I followed him to the next hill top where he stopped to get a sniff of the doe. Now I’m still within 200 yards, I pull the trigger and — tink. Three rounds left. Now I pull the trigger and — BOOM!!! Finally!!! Oh, and he goes down! The rest is history!
Reader Bucks
My stepson shot this massive 10 pointer in Kentucky. It weighed 192 pounds field dressed and green scores at 172 2/8 gross B&C. -cday76
You wouldn’t imagine what’s in your back yard if you lived in the city. I shot this 8 pointer with a bow at eight yards. I’ve been using these Rage broad heads for three years now and they are amazing. I shot this buck on Nov. 19, 2010 in Porter County, Indiana. -corydd11
This deer was taken in northeast Oklahoma at 6:05 pm. Has 11 points with a unicorn horn below right main beam. Truly one in a million! -bucsfan69
After a three days of hunting during opening week he stepped out. After what seemed like forever (probably only 15 minutes) he turned and I let it fly. Unfortunately, by the time I got him out it was pouring and rained for two days and I never got any good out side photos. But he’s still a great trophy either way at 207 pounds 12 points and officially scored at 182 6/8 net. New record in Marathon county, Wisconsin. -mwoller
This buck was harvested at 2:00 p.m. at 40 yards with eight does. -jlbruno2274
Finally this deer stepped out on November 21. – jmaco325
This is my first bow buck. He weighed 285 pounds. Tip to tip spread was 25 inches. – ajenks57
I took my son out on his first hunting hike and we almost walked right by this hawg. He says it’s his best day ever! -Josh Suda
I got a call early one morning to photograph my friend’s first kill of the season. No empty stomachs this winter! -tjhva
Taken with a Ruger Blackhawk in 45 Colt, 2010. Only my second year to deer hunt, and my first attempt with a revolver. Got him about at 3:30 p.m. on the Saturday of opening season. -BCCL
My daughter shot this buck in northwest Oklahoma. He weighed in at 150 pounds, was 11 points and scored 169 2/8. The biggest buck yet for our family and her older brother is very jealous! -mompope
This is the 9-point buck I shot opening day. -lac415
On opening day of gun season about 15 minutes after legal shooting time here in Indiana, this big buck with extra long brow tines (one split) came out of the woods about 150 yards away to see three does in the open field. I was able to drop him where he stood with a single shot from my new Savage slug gun with a Leupold scope. -bmancuso
I went on an evening hunt, and got out of my stand early to snoop around. This boy came up behind me, I grunted to get his attention, he came to about 35 yards, when I let on fly. He has 11 scorable points, a 24.5-inch spread, green scored 174 1/8, and he had a hanging weight of 180 pounds. -deathfromabove
After an uneventful day of hunting, spirits were low on the farm. Just before dark this buck decided to show itself. One shot dropped this massive buck. He ended up with a green score of 167 on the Boone and Crockett scale. -chasworth

The deer season marches on and massive bucks keep falling. See who’s taken the biggest trophy deer so far this season.