Best Shooters: Russell Graves

After 20 years of hard work, Russell Graves has gone from a small town Texas kid to one of the most recognizable photographers in the outdoor industry. All photos by Russell Graves
He grew up on a cattle ranch outside of Dodd City in Northeast Texas where he started taking pictures of the things that interested him. It didn't take him long to focus in on hunting, fishing and nature photography. "Since I can remember, I've been fascinated with nature, wildlife, agriculture and the outdoors. As a teenager on my family's cattle ranch, I recall being chastised for searching for whitetail deer when I was supposed to be looking for lost cattle in the hardwood bottomlands that filter the muddy waters of Bois d'Arc Creek," Graves says on his blog.
At 19 years old Graves had his first image published in a magazine and at age 20 he had his first cover published. It was a photograph for the Gulf Coast Cattleman and Graves earned $100 for his efforts.
Now at age 40, Graves has taken photos for countless outdoor publications and companies. He's shot everything from elk to bass, but still stays true to his Texas roots.
"Texas is such a big outdoors state," Graves says. "[I enjoy] capturing the culture of being an outdoorsman in Texas and what it means to be a Texan," Graves says.
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