Blast from the Past: Holiday Edition

It's that time of year again. The days are filled with last-minute shopping and the nights are spent wrapping gifts or enjoying the company of family. However you choose to spend the holidays, we hope you relax, eat some good meat and sip some delicious Scotch. And if you have an extra minute or two, click ahead to see what Outdoor Life was printing during the holidays nearly 30 years ago.
December 1974, perhaps the only time Outdoor Life has ever featured a Snowshoe hare on its cover.
And, here's a photo from the actual feature. Rabbit stew makes a great holiday meal. Here's my easy recipe: In a big pot filled with a few cups of water (depending on how soupy you want it), combine your cleaned and cut rabbit, a little olive oil, 2 cups of diced carrots, 2 cups of diced potatoes, 1 cup of diced celery, a big spoonful of flour and a touch of chicken stock. Add salt, garlic, parsley and onions to taste. (You can also add hot sauce and a bit of chili powder, if you're brave.) Cook on a low heat for a few hours and serve when the meat is thoroughly cooked but tender. It's delicious. Serve with warm bread and a cold beer.
Here's something you don't see in our pages nowadays. An ad for an 8-track tape player.
An advertisement asking, "Who won the cold war?" The real Cold War was actually in full swing when this ad ran.
In November 1971, Outdoor Life published an article on the evolving snowmobile industry. Customers were demanding safer, quiet models. Along with the article, the magazine included numerous ads from snowmobile manufacturers. Click ahead to see a sampling of the vintage ads. (How many of these companies are still in business?)
Scorpion Stinger
One the early 1970s issues also included a feature on shark fishing.
It might not be the most common holiday activity, but it's probably one of the most adrenaline-heavy.
For the less ambitious, there was always good, ol' New York icefishing.
"Sweetening" the water with egg shells. An old icefishing trick.
It worked. Here's the proof.
One of the most interesting finds while combing the back issues was this feature on hunting in Ceylon. Ceylon is now known as Sri Lanka.
More from Ceylon.
More domestically, check out the vitals chart that ran in the December 1973 issue.
The vitals from a different angle.
...and another angle.
We'll wrap up with this old This Happened to Me, by Sam Skidmore of Fort Worth, Texas.
"Last October my son Frank and I were fishing Lake o' the Pines in eastern Texas when a storm moved in. As we headed for..."
"...shore, lightning hit a tree nearby. 'That was awfully close!' I exclaimed."
"It's the last thing I recall. As Frank told me later, a flash struck our boat."
"The concussion hurled Frank 15 feet; my feet caught under the seat, but..."
" head and shoulders were in the water. The motor was still running..."
"...and the boat moved slowly away, but Frank swam and caught it. He pulled..."
" aboard. I wasn't breathing. He applied mouth-to-mouth resuscitation."
"I began breathing. Frank motored to the dock and got help. As the hospital, doctors were amazed I'd lived. The bolt..."
"...had gone in my neck and out my knee. Incredibly, Frank's glasses hadn't come off; he sees only six feet without them!"

Outdoor Life has seen it's fair share of holiday seasons, but have some of the stories and ads from the early 1970s stood the test of time?