This is not hunting.
In Texas, feral hogs are considered an exotic or non-game animal. There is no limit on the number hunters may take or have in their possession. There is no season and they may be hunted during the day or at night. They may be hunted with dogs, with a spear, with a knife … almost any way imaginable! They are also trapped. And yet hunters make barely a dent in the population.
It is estimated that each feral hog in Texas causes $7,515 worth of damage during its lifetime.
So far, the most effective hog control is by shooting them from a helicopter.
The pictures in this gallery are from a ranch eradication filmed for the DVD Death From Above. Video producer Mark Buchanan (right) put together an incredible array of rifles for the project.
Six rifles and one shotgun were utilized.
Several handguns were also utilized.
Projects such as this one require a ton of ammo.
Now the guns are sepia. What gives?
Gayen: “So Mark, that’s your favorite gun?” Mark: “Sure is.” Gayne: “What is it?” Mark: “POF lower, Magpul pistol grip and UBR stock, VLTOR VIS carbine upper. Larue red dot sight. With 100 round beta C mag.” Gayne: “You could’ve just said It’s an AR-15. That would have sufficed.”
The shooter’s view.
The only thing that held Mark in place was the chopper’s seatbelt.
The weather in Texas that day? Cold.
What does Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai have to do with shooting pigs out of a helicopter? Nothing. Nothing at all.
When did everything turn to sepia?
Now the guns are sepia. What gives?
You got hog problems? Give these guys a call. Or visit their website at
Nueces Helicopters’ fleet consists of two highly maneuverable R22 choppers.
Turning into the shot.
Unfortunately, helicopters don’t offer much in the way of stability for the shooters.
I’d hate to see this coming down the highway toward me.
This trailer full of hogs will be taken to a food pantry for donation.
Want to win Mark’s “POF lower, Magpul pistol grip and UBR stock, VLTOR VIS carbine upper. Larue red dot sight. With 100 round beta C mag?” Too bad, because we’re not giving it away. The DVD however, we are. Comment on this gallery below for a chance to win one of five DVDs! Winners will be chosen by me. It never hurts to comment how much you enjoy Gayne’s work..

In Texas the boar war has taken to the air. This is not hunting, but it is the most practical way to stop the takeover of this invasive species.