This series of images showed up in my Inbox with a story about an over rambunctious buck from north Texas that had a very bad day. A hunter approximately 800 yards away witnessed the entire event and claimed it took place in a mere matter of minutes. Here’s how it went down.
The mature buck featured in the photos was rubbing a tree and raking his antlers aggressively when it became entangled in the narrow branches of the tree.
Suddenly another group of bucks appeared and the hunter suspects they were attracted by the noise of the buck sparring with the tree.
The largest of the bucks in the group swiftly took action against the buck trapped in the tree. It charged the buck goring it in the rear with such energy it lifted the entire buck off the ground. The fight wasn’t over yet. Sensing the defenselessness of the tree-trapped buck the larger buck began goring the hapless buck in the gut.
Judging from the amount of blood in the images an antler likely pierced an artery causing the unfortunate buck to bleed to death quickly.
Within minutes the trophy buck was dead and a hunter had the story of a lifetime to relate back at hunting camp.
Three buck disaster
By: Travis Faulkner
As a passionate deer hunter, just hearing about the senseless death of a top-heavy buck makes me feel sick to my stomach. In fact, throughout my writing career, I’ve personally covered several stories about record book bucks that have taken permanent dirt naps from vehicle collisions and other types of accidents. All of these tragic occurrences have left me feeling gut punched and depressed.
I guess we have to accept the reality that bad things just sometimes happen to big bucks. For example, I just received a report about three remarkable bucks that were found locked-up in an entangled mess at the bottom of a creek in southern Ohio.
A few days ago, a wildlife officer named Josh Shields received a very interesting call while on duty. On a private tract of land inside of Meigs County, a forester had made a startling discovery at the bottom of a creek. The forester was working on a routine timber management plan when he noticed a major disturbance had occurred along the water’s edge. The creek bank almost looked like a runaway bulldozer had a head-on collision with a Mack truck.
However, all of the damage had actually been caused by an intense fight that involved three testosterone driven whitetail bucks. These rut-crazed bruisers became locked together in a death match that ultimately ended in a tragic group drowning.
The forester informed the land owner who immediately contacted the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. By state law, a person must contact a wildlife officer before being able to legally claim any deer. The officer must then make an onsite visit to investigate the initial causes of the death.
As you can imagine, wildlife officer Josh Shields was blown away by the gruesome scene at the bottom of the creek. Basically, there was well over 400 inches of intertwined bone submerged just under the water’s surface.
The largest of the three bucks was sporting a massive 11-point rack that would probably score around 165. A giant 10-pointer with a bulky body was also locked into the antlered heap with another 7-point brawler.
It’s sad to think that these three bad boys won’t be making a lucky hunter’s heart skip a beat this season.

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