Redneck Christmas: Merry Christmas Ya'll

Nothing says Christmas better than a mounted squirrel in front of a license plate stating live free or die. I guess there are even rednecks in New Hampshire. Photo: damcoolpics
This decoration says "Merry Christmas, now get off of my lawn!!"
You gotta love rednecks for their creativity. Anything can be a Christmas decoration. Photo: good-times webshots
This decoration is based on Jeff Foxworthy's song 12 days of Redneck Christmas, an instant classic that challenges Jingle Bells and I'll Be Home for Christmas as the greatest Christmas song ever made. Photo:
Yes, whitetails live everywhere. Even the North Pole.
Coolest deer ever. Photo: damcoolpics
This is the one road sign in Arkansas that isn't completely full of bullet holes. Way to celebrate the holiday spirit Arkansas! Photo: anglerove
Rudolph isn't quite a shooter this year. He has one busted brow tine and his rack is a little thin. Maybe next year... Photo: paperjams
The wife is gonna love these camo ornaments!
Baby's first deer ornament.
Your hunting buddy likes to get festive too.
Sportsman Santa!


This pretty much speaks for itself. Merry Christmas ya'll.

Deer heads, Skoal cans, camo Santa, Budweiser, shotgun shell ornaments and pickup trucks ... it must be a redneck Christmas.