Browning re-introduces their popular Hydro-Fleece offering hunters ultra-quiet, waterproof clothing to keep them warm and dry while an anti-microbial lining controls odor. New Hydro-Fleece is softer and quieter with an improved water shedding treatment. Insulated models have Prima Loft Sport insulation providing the highest warmth-to weight ratio of any synthetic insulation. ($232-$300;
Browning expands into women’s outdoor apparel with the addition of the Full Curl Wool Parka and pant “For Her.” The Full Curl Wool Parka is constructed of a 7 oz. wool blend that is washable and features Browning’s WindKil laminate. Available in Browning All-Terrain camo pattern in sizes S-XL. ($116.50-$140;
The made in the USA Browning Independence Series knives are designed by Russ Kommer. Three folding models and three fixed blade models are offered in 154 CM stainless steel. Folders have 3 1/8″ blades and fixed-blade lengths of 3 ¾”. Folders feature a button lock and include a pocket clip. Fixed-blade models feature a top-grain leather sheath. ($99.95-$199.95;
New Browning “For Her” knives include two fixed-blade and two folder models. Fixed-blade knives have a nylon sheath while folders sport a pocket clip. Blades are Swedish Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel and handles are aluminum with dura-touch armor coating or genuine bone with mosaic pins (fixed-blade only). Folder blades measure 2 ¾” while the fixed-blade tapes 2 7/8″. Available in Mossy Oak Pink or White Bone. ($24.95-$34.95;
Browning’s new Hunt Master VXT features a powerful new green Cree XP-C LED producing 70 lumens to allow a stealth approach. Two Cree XP-E LEDs emit 225 lumens of clean white light. The VXT features an adjustable spot-to-flood lens and memory feature which returns the light to the last setting used. The VXT has all-aluminum construction and is 6.6″ in length. ($99.99;
The Browning 5.1″ Pro Hunter Twin Beam features a 100 lumen main beam Cree XP-C LED in white and a green Cree XP-C LED that emits 70 lumens. A soft-sunlight 5mm LED is included that limits glare for better up-close map reading and tracking. Ultra-light and tough polymer construction with a rugged aluminum lens ring and o-ring sealed for water-resistance. ($39.99;
The Code Blue Drop Time 2Timer, is a fully-programmable, dual electronic scent dispenser with two 2.5-ounce independent tanks allowing two different scent dispersal. Hunters can program their settings to dispense scents multiple times every day or any other combination of days during the week. Wrapped in camo, the 2Timer blends perfectly into the surroundings. ($69.95;
Code Blue’s Urge powder is formulated with ingredients that attract and hold deer. Unlike liquid attractants―deer can see, taste and eat Urge powder―greatly increasing your chances of attracting and holding deer. Urge is highly effective all year long, and can be applied on top of feed in feeders or poured directly onto rotted stumps or soil to create a feeding site. One application of Urge lasts for weeks. ($24.95/gal.;
MTM Case-Gard’s new Broadhead Box provides safe storage and transport of sixteen assembled broadheads, either fixed-blades or mechanicals. The foam insert assists with organization and helps maintain blade sharpness. ($5.95;
Stealth Cam Archer’s Choice Scouting Camera is compact camera and concealed easily with a 640 x 480 digital video with audio (10-180 seconds). An 8 mega-pixel still image is crisp and one second trigger speeds catch all the action. Thirty-eight infrared emitters, with a range of 50+ feet, illuminate game at night or during low light. ($159;
Big Green Targets are made from 100% recycled materials. The Broadhead Pro Series are available in two different options―the Broadhead Pro and the Broadhead Magnum Pro. Every Big Green Target is weatherproof, features double-sided targets on the front and back, and is built with 100% recycled heat bonded, layered foam capable of stopping any arrow. ($99.99-$119.99;
Big and J Industries, LLC’s BB2 is a nutritional deer supplement and powerful attractant. Now available in an ultra-convenient 6-pound bag, the smaller package is ideal for creating an irresistible hot spot for whitetails. ($10.99/6-pound bag;
The Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak have dual spine weight forward technology. This patented multi-layer/multi-material arrow innovation, creates two spines in one arrow. Dual spines promise better energy management and quicker recovery for improved accuracy.
Blue Streak straightness: +/- .0025″; +/- 1.0 grain. Suggested retail: $79.95/6-pack. Blue Streak Select straightness: +/- .001″, +/- 1.0 grain. Suggested retail $89.95/6-pack. (
G5 Outdoors Cinch rangefinder tether keeps your rangefinder comfortably in tow and accessible. The Cinch attaches to your belt, arm, safety harness or any other article of clothing and can be orientated in any position, making it easy to quickly retrieve your rangefinder. Valuable optics are securely protected and attached by a steel reinforced cable. ($34.99;
G5 Outdoors Mag-Loc Quiver magnetic mounting system can be mounted to a tree by using the Mag-Loc tree mount which features a female base with threaded screw. Along with Mag-Loc treestand mount, which has female bracket that has a second more powerful magnet that attaches to steel stands. ($65.99-$99.99;
Sitka Gear’s Bino Bivy in its Gore Optifade pattern offers plush protection for optics. A lightweight mesh harness system, handy accessory pockets, silent magnetic closures and DWR soft shell fabric are standard. ($99;
Sitka Gear’s Contrail Shirt features stitch-less/welded seams with an extremely breathable 4-way stretch fabric, make it lightweight enough that you will not even know you have it on, while still being 100 percent windproof and durable. Cloaked in Gore Optifade the Contrail Shirt is available in sizes from medium to 3XL. ($199;
Sitka Gear’s Incinerator Muff is designed to keep your hands warm no matter how cold it gets. High heat-to-weight ratio synthetic insulation paired with Gore Windstopper protection keeps hands toasty when the wind-chill dips and maintains the dexterity needed to make the shot. Available in Gore Optifade camo. ($69;
Bushnell’s Fusion 1600 ARC range finding binoculars are now available in a 12 x 50 model for longer glassing chores. They feature BAK-4 roof prisms, built-in battery life indicator, twist-up eye pieces, and fully multi-coated optics with RainGuard HD coating, fully waterproof and submersible to meet IPX7 waterproof specification. The Fusion 1600 ARC 12 x 50 laser range finding binoculars come with a battery, neck-strap and carrying case. ($999;
The Hide ‘N Hunt Blind from Hunter’s Specialties is a compact, easy to set up blind allowing hunters to quickly conceal themselves. The hub-style blind is 65″ x 62″ when set up. The Hide ‘N Hunt Blind comes in RealTree APG camo and features “shoot-through” camo netting windows. A carry bag, ropes, stakes and complete instructions are included. ($159.99;
The Hunter’s Specialties Stealth-Flex series of mouth-blown predator calls allow hunters to make realistic sounds that will bring in the most wary predators. All Stealth-Flex calls feature a soft-rubber barrel to help callers change tone and volume of the calls. ($8.99-$11.99;
The Bushnell Trophy XLT Spotting Scopes are waterproof and fog-proof with fully multi-coated optics for clarity and light transmission. The body has a durable rubber armor coating to stand up to hard use. The scopes have an attached objective cover and come with a compact tripod and either a premium hard-sided case or a compact soft-sided case. Two models are available, a 15-45 x 50 version that sells for $209.99 and one in 20-60 x 65 retailing for $239.99. (
Hunter’s Specialties Tuner Peg Packs are adjustable strikers allowing hunters to tune their pan calls to get just the right sound that will bring in a gobbler. Tuner Strikers come in a variety of materials and are adjustable in length, allowing for quick and easy changes in tone and pitch with any pan type friction call. Tuner Peg Packs come in three versions. ($19.99;
Carry-Lite’s HD turkey “skin” reflects sunlight and enhances the skin colors. The Pretty Mama HD feeding hen and Pretty Penny HD, a contented hen, act as confidence decoys and feature heads molded from real freeze-dried turkey heads. Soft, pliable body material folds easily for transport. The Bob’n Tail HD, lures gobblers in with his natural moving tail. ($39.99-$59.99;
Primos’ X Cam Blackout trail camera has a one-year or 20,000 photos battery life. Sixty-two LEDS provide a 65-foot nighttime range while producing no visible light. A non-reflective, low shadow exterior keeps it hidden from prying eyes while a lightning-quick trigger speed captures game. ($299;
The Primos Crusher groundblind is made from a multi-layer, sonic welded fabric. The outer shell is a non-reflective crushed fabric and is sonic welded to a complete blackout interior. Multi-layers help the blind be extremely water resistant and scent tight. The black innermost layer eliminates your profile inside the blind. ($399;
The Primos 20/20 Universal Camera Mount works with all game cameras and allows for the perfect mount when a perfect mount isn’t available. Mounts anywhere to any tree, and most anything else for that matter. A magnetic connection socket allows the camera to quickly attach and detach from the tree making it easier to check memory card, replace batteries and view photos. ($34.99;
The Primos Tiffany “Deer Call” is compact, capable of producing mid-tone deep throaty grunts. An all-rubber design is soft and pliable with an interchangeable color band and braided lanyard. ($24.99;
Primos’ Red Spot 4.5-pound mineral bag has a sustained release formula promising to keep deer coming back to lick, paw and dig for more. Made with premium organic and natural food-grade ingredients increases bone and antler formation while providing energy. Red Spot also provides deer with calcium and much needed phosphorus. ($8.99/4.5-pound bag;
LaCrosse’s Venom Scent HD is their newest snake boot. Upgrades include a more flexible, maneuverable and impenetrable boot. All snake boot styles from LaCrosse are 100 percent waterproof, scent-free and provide 360° snake-proof protection. They feature Hyper-Dri™ lining, an odor-fighting internal membrane, an EVA midsole and polyurethane footbed for added cushioning, and a reinforced abrasion-resistant toe cap. Three models are available. ($99.95-$149.95;
The Rinehart RhinoBlock XL target is manufactured with a self-healing foam that resists heavy usage. The 18″ x 18″ cube-shaped target has two sides of life-like 3-D targeting featuring an outlined vital area of a deer, and the other detailing an anatomically correct display of a deer’s organs. The other four faces sport highly visible target zones. ($179.99;
The folks at Skull Hooker now offer a European mounting bracket design
Allowing enthusiasts to proudly display their elk trophies without actually putting a nail (or a screw) through the animal’s skull. The Big Hooker has a versatile bracket’s mounting arm built to swing from side to side, so hunters can choose the perfect angle and direction to suit their living room, hunting lodge or office with a natural upright display. ($79.95;
Wood’N Trail has a Dip Kit for applying camo patterns to from bows to boat cleats, gas tanks, gun cases, scopes and nearly everything in between. The kit comes with everything needed to camo dip plastic, wood and metal surfaces. The system includes patterned film, activator, primer, base coat and top coat, and gloves and mask. ($129.99;
The G-15 Treestand Safety Harness from Gorilla features a patent pending energy absorbing system. The G-15 features a one-size fits all design for waists 25″ to 51″ and incorporates a lightweight, ventilated mesh design that is acceptable for both warm and cold climates. This harness features a fully-adjustable quick release buckle system, padded shoulder straps, backrest and waist belt. ($99.99;
The Gorilla Pro Series King Kong Expedition HX hang-on style stand is all-welded steel featuring a leveling system, extra-wide comfort mesh flip up seat, dual density foam backrest and armrests for great support so fatigue is not a factor. Red nylon bushings and washers for added stealth and silence in the woods keep this stand quiet.($179.99;
The Gorilla Silverback Stealth HX Climber is an aluminum climber with pivoting arms capable of scaling any tree from 8″- 22″ in diameter. Weighing in at just over 20 pounds, the Silverback Stealth HX is Gorilla’s lightest climbing treestand. Amenities include high-density foam climbing bars and arms, dual-density seat and backrest, and fully adjustable padded backpack straps for ease-of-transport. ($249.99;
The Ontario Knife Company’s Rat-3 Sheath is a 5″ fixed-blade of 1095 carbon steel with a black textured powder coating created to stay razor sharp. The Rat-3 comes complete with a rugged canvas micarta handle in four model configurations: a serrated blade edge, or plain edge with either black or foliage green sheath. ($124.28;

Bow season is finally here! Is there anything that you haven’t checked off your gear list yet?