These photos come from Stephens Passage, Alaska. Four distressed black-tailed deer swam directly toward Tom Satre’s 62-foot charter boat.
Once the deer got to the boat they swam in circles around it. They were laboring in the icy water and struggling to stay afloat. The passengers on the craft hauled them in and the deer collapsed on the deck, too exhausted to be afraid of their human captors.
When the ship reached shore, the deer were set loose with varying degrees of difficulty.
Some deer ran off, while others slowly staggered away. However, all four of the lucky black-tails survived their icy dip.
More Swimming Deer
Deer are good swimmers, but this buck looks really cold. Did he fall in or jumped in on purpose? Photo: Outdoors Weekly
Luckily the big droptine buck made it out. Photo: Outdoors Weekly
This photo was taken on Rabbit Creek in northwest South Dakota. The deer are floating across the river on a mini iceberg.
Apparently, those deer weren’t the only ones who thought riding and iceberg was a good way to cross a stream.
It’s unknown whether this buck actually wanted to cross the river or if he just got stuck out on the ice.
Apparently, he made it safely to the other side.
My Grandfather, brothers, and father’s best friend were all sitting on the deck of my cottage after a morning hunt and we saw a deer across the cove running through the weeds. We then saw the second deer (a buck) chasing her very closely. She finally decided she had had enough and jumped into the lake thinking he would stop the chase. No luck for her! -pjvander

Deer are so successful because of their ability to move into new territories. But sometimes that ability gets them into some interesting places, like freezing cold Alaskan water.