Carl Freeman had one of the best hunting seasons a sportsman could ask for. In one season he was able to get tags for antelope, elk and deer in Colorado, and he made the best of all three opportunities. Oh yea, he also killed a buck that officially net scored 184 6/8 and gross scored 198 inches.
The dream season started in the southern part of the state in early October. On the very first day of his pronghorn hunt Freeman spotted a few good bucks.
Then he spotted this pronghorn, made a good stalk on him and killed him with a 100-yard shot. One hunt, one tag punched.
The very next weekend Freeman was headed into the mountains after elk for Colorado’s first rifle season.
“In Colorado there’s really no time between seasons … you don’t have much time to get ready for the next one,” Freeman said.
Freeman was hunting with his 15-year-old son Lucas. Lucas is an accomplished hunter and has taken plenty of big game animals, but the first day of the season just wouldn’t go his way. He ended up missing two elk.
On the second day it was dad’s turn.
They got to their spot early in the morning and soon heard shooting from other hunters. Freeman hustled over to a spot where he thought the elk would be pushed, and he guessed right.
19 cows and this bull busted through the aspens and into the meadow Freeman was watching.
But the elk were skittish and soon bolted. Freeman was able to get off one good shot that dropped the bull at 120 yards.
Two down, one to go.
Now it was time to finish of the season with a whitetail hunt. Freeman had never killed a whitetail before and it had taken him four years to draw a tag in eastern colorado.
Most of the area that Freeman wanted to hunt was covered by private land, but luckily he had a friend in the area who could unlock some of the big buck hot spots.
Freeman decided to stalk through a dry creek bed that looped around an open pasture.
After awhile he slipped on some of the loose gravel in the creek bed and spooked a deer out of the brush. He heard it crashing through the creek bed, but he never saw it.
Finally he decided to give up and walk back to the truck where his son and friend were waiting for him. But on his walk back, his friend started honking the truck’s horn. Confused, Freeman kept walking toward the truck which was now in sight. That’s when his son stuck his head out the window and yelled “Behind you!”
Freeman wheeled around and spotted the deer he had spooked earlier slinking away. It was this massive buck. Freeman missed his first shot but made good on his second one. Three hunts, three tags punched, and he did it all with the one rifle, a Weatherby 7mm mag.
The buck has an inside spread of 22 inches and after being field dressed it weighed 193 pounds.

Carl Freeman topped off his Colorado hunting season with a massive buck that net scored 184 6/8.