Down Home Girl: Angie McCallister

Angie McCallister grew up in South Carolina, and even though she was always a bit of a Tom Boy, she didn't start hunting and fishing early on.
In 1998 one of her friends took her on a deer hunt in Pennsylvania. Ever since then, she was hooked. It was easy for Angie to fit in with a hunting crew of mostly men, because she had grown up in racing culture. She's one of the few female spotters in the sport.
Now she's hunted deer, turkeys and coyotes. She's also a member of the Whitetail Mafia, a hunting team that runs a website and makes deer hunting videos.
But Angie's growth as an outdoorswoman didn't come easy, she's had plenty of misadventures along the way.
"My team members call me Grace, because I'm always doing something graceful," Angie says sarcastically.
She's fallen in creeks and shot through hunting blinds, but she's always managed to keep a smile on her face.
"I've missed more than I've hit, but I learn from it and I laugh about it," Angie says.
But for as much as Angie likes to joke around, she's deadly serious when it comes to deer hunting. When she first started hunting she passed up a ton of bucks and small does before shooting her first deer.
She's also done in-depth research on whitetails online and in the field. She takes a journal with her on each hunt and keeps detailed field notes.
Also, she is a strong believer in quality deer management and goes out of her way to take a doe in areas where deer densities are high. "We love to eat venison and pack our freezers full," she says.
Even though Angie is a hardcore outdoorswoman, she hates touching fish. "I have no problem getting all up in a deer but I hate touching freaking fish," Angie says.
She obviously made an exception for these photos.
She wears her "Redneck Woman" hat with pride.
But the self proclaimed "Redneck Woman" doesn't clean up so bad either.
Angie is also getting her daughter, Megan Ann, into hunting.
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Angie McCallister is an up-and-comer in the hunting world. She's made her fair share of mistakes and isn't afraid to laugh about them.