Let’s face it; a buck packing around enough bone to make the Boone & Crockett record book is a very special whitetail. There are a lot of really good deer hunters out there that have never taken a buck with those kinds of measurements. However, I know a young woman named Laura Forsythe that closed the deal and dropped the hammer on a top-heavy giant that will definitely make the books after the 60 day drying period passes.
Without question, coming across a deer like Laura’s in the wild is very rare. On the other hand, what are the chances of Forsythe and her boyfriend both taking two trophy-class bucks in the same season within close proximity of each other? Well, don’t place your bets just yet, because that is exactly what this young couple was able to accomplish during the 2010 Kentucky rifle season.
Toward the end of November, there was still a lot of rutting activity taking place in the far western corner of the Bluegrass State. Forsythe and her boyfriend Jay Smith had been seeing a lot of deer from several strategically placed stands within one of their favorite hunting locations. In fact, Forsythe had decided to hold on tight to her one Kentucky buck tag and allowed several nice antlered deer to walk over the course of the season.
Her boyfriend had missed a giant with his bow earlier in the year and she knew there were definitely some heavy-racked bruisers in the area that were worth holding out for.
Consequently, it wasn’t long before her boyfriend Jay redeemed himself by knocking a really nice non-typical 16-point buck into the dirt. This buck had a lot of mass, height, and tine length. Smith was tickled to death with his deer that would score over 165, but he never imagined that his girlfriend would actually come face to face with the same long-tined giant that he had missed earlier in the year with his bow.
This buck was super stealthy and had switched over to a strict nocturnal schedule after barely dodging his arrow. After this close encounter, Smith felt like this phenomenal buck with the perfect typical rack would probably survive another season.
However, Laura had a really good feeling when she entered the woods early on November 27th for an evening hunt in the same area. Laura even texted one of her good friends to tell her that she was feeling extremely lucky for some reason.
Within a few minutes of that conversation, she began to pick up movement just beyond a thick entanglement of cover that was positioned directly in front of her stand.
Finally, Laura was able to see that the deer she had been watching was definitely a shooter buck, but some overhanging limbs prevented any good shot opportunity.
Consequently, her luck suddenly changed when a slick-headed doe led the lovesick brawler right into a cleared shooting lane. Quickly, she took a deep breath to calm her nerves and placed the crosshairs on the large-bodied buck’s sweet spot.
An echoing boom placed the enormous whitetail on the ground and ended a hunt that neither Laura nor her boyfriend will ever forget.
All of us on the BBZ would like to congratulate both of you on an amazing season and two outstanding bucks. Laura’s deer green scored 172 2/8. On a side note, Jay you better really hang on to pretty girl who can hunt like that!

A boyfriend and girlfriend team tagged out on two Boone and Crockett bucks this season. Check out their amazing story.