Coyote Double in Montana … -Voct313 Enter our coyote photo contest here and win a new scope! Voting starts on February 28th on the last day to enter photos.
Predator II -Solidlock43
In the fog -Solidlock43
The Fields -Solidlock43
Shotgun’n -Solidlock43
Kansas Yodi! -Maccaro
Christmas Present ’09 -Neuhunti
Stike a pose -Eroll
River Bottom Yote -bshunter
Illinois Coyote -ILPinecone
Calling coyotes in Montana -Art Hoffart
Mousing Coyote -Hjholmen
Spot and stalk with a bow -Hjholmen
Wrong species, but we’ll take him -Busterboyd
This is the second coyote I called in that had a bobbed tail … both were females. -Merlin Little
High Desert Coyotes -LakeTuna
Mouse Eater -Mountainbum
Mexican Coyote -Tcarveo
Trail camera Model -Monsterbuck
S.D. coyote -donhunter
Black West -Marteny4u
Coyote -Andyh
My first coyote -Dayana
Luring them in -PennWilds
Double dog day -duky
Head on coyote -PhilBilly
Pile “o” Coyotes -utahbowhunter
Coyotes look up -barrymraugust
Sniff Testing -Barrymaugust
Great day at the office -Jtinski
Elk season special trailing coyote along -Voct313
Tug-of-war dog -Chasey375hh
Po’d big boss dog -chasey375hh
Howling, up close and personal -Chasey375hh
Kansas Coyote -Justin Schulte
They’re all over me! -Solidlock43

Coyote season is underway and we’ve already received some great shots from our readers. Send us your coyote pictures and win a new Nikon scope.