Game Preservation

The Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno, Nevada was buzzing last weekend and it wasn't just about Sarah Palin's hinting about a run for office in 2012. The annual Safari Club International event was alive with hundreds of exhibitors whose offerings included gun making and guide services, taxidermy and clothing, outdoor art and ammunition.
To some, the taxidermy displays might look a bit over the top, however, these are not mere animal mounts. These museum-quality displays were more animal artistry than something to put up on the wall. Here are some of the coolest works of animal preservation we've ever seen.
The pride of the show!
This enough curl for you?
A wall of horns.
Leggo my zebra!
Grizzly art at its best.
There's always some bling on display at SCI.
And some fine works of animal art as well.
Just fur her
Ram tough
Battle of the Bulls
A pair of Buffs
On a (Con)strictor diet
Bad day to be a croc.
A buff with a bad attitude.
A Blaser rifle custom engraved with an Egyptian theme. Paired with a Blaser F3 shotgun with similar engraving, it costs $250,000.
Three offerings from Holland & Holland. The top gun is a .700 Nitro Express priced at $275K.
This .300 Weatherby David Miller Co. GraGun (on a Model 70 action with a Bansner sythetic stock) is listed at $32,000!
Black panther
Cat fight

The Reno Convention Hall was the scene for the annual Safari Club International Convention and the assortment of animal artistry on display proved once again to be world class.