Good optics are among the most important gear a hunter can carry into the backcountry. Here’s a look at what I use and how it works. The outdoorsman tripod allows you to adjust each leg individually and has 3 locking positions to choose from. This is a very handy option when dealing with uneven terrain.
This is the best trigger type head on the market for backcountry hunters. It’s very light, extremely user friendly and the trigger head can also be set at a 90-degree angle for a bench rest when rifle hunting.
Field adjustable and maintainable lever locks are great for a backcountry hunter and something that is not found on many tripods on the market today.
The new Zeiss Dialyt spotter. This is a great option for backcountry hunters that are looking for a bomb-proof spotter and clear glass to boot!
Having the quick release blocks on the trigger head allow you to swap from a camera to a spotter and back to your bin’s in a matter of seconds.
The center rod has a wing nut adjustment which is extremely durable and very user friendly.
There’s nothing like having a great spotter, great glass and a great camera when looking for mule deer. The Zeiss Victory 10×45 RF are an unbelievable combination of clear glass and one of the best range finders on the market.
The Outdoorsman binocular bracket is one of the best I have seen in the industry, quick, easy, user friendly and durable.
A side view of the binocular bracket. This bracket will detach from your optics with the flip of the quick release lever.
With these little block heads, the outdoorsman glassing system and Zeiss optics your life will be much easier on the mountain.

Live Hunt host, Aron Snyder, reviews some of the best spotting gear on the market.